Tuesday, May 31, 2011

POWER packed week!

Despite the fact that I have finished all my classes last week, it has been a real busy week for me for the week just passed.

Accomodation in Wigan is still pending though I have decided on a 2 rooms flat. I have yet to hear from them because I am supposed to go through some credit checks to make sure I have sufficient fund to rent that place and also I am actually fully employed once I started renting that place. It was a roller coaster figuring out where is the best place to stay and had to went up Wigan three times was a pain. And now, I just hope my decision will turn out to be right and according to God's plan. :( *Do keep us in prayer about this matter*Another reason of being a busy week was I applied for this 5 days FREE pass to Fitness First, and me wanting to lose some weight URGENTLY went to FF almost everyday or sometimes twice a day for their classes like Body combat, Body attack, Body Balance and Zumba..of all, ZUMBA was the BEST..Lol. Enjoyed it so much that I don't feel like am actually exercising..LOL..Burning calories can indeed be FUN FILLED:)

Had a slightly longer weekend this week because Monday is a Bank Holiday here! But to me, it made no difference beacuse I am already OFF anyway... HOWEVER, I have visitors over from London~ Mr and Mrs See....!! WHEE~ The Kois reunited in Manchester:)3 years ago, when I left Malaysia, both of them gave me Blackie as a farewell gift:) And now they meet again..hehe! Though we just get to spend a few days together, it was great fun just talking to them..We even watched Champions League together in Trafford Centre! Mere joy discussing how Barca players were bunch of actors! :P
I shall try to visit your lovely 'hostel' in London k!
During the weekend, MCCC organised an evangelistic event as well. People from the ChristiansInSports came over to organise a Sport Quiz for the all who came. We had BBQ at the same time...chill time!

And finally,
we can't deny that Man Utd lost the Champions League to Barca FC, but Man Utd winning the 19th Barclays Premiere League is a FACT! Woohoo..and me, being the random 'hardcore like' fan decided to join the crowd to Old Trafford for their victory parade! Despite the rain and cold, we just want to have some fun:)
See how big shots these players are that they need SOOOO many guards to open way for them!
Cheah and myself infront of the significant '19' Premiere Leagues Champions in Old Trafford:)

After waited for an hour or so, the Man Utd bus finally ARRIVED with their players on the rooftop with the Trophy..singing..' Ole Ole Ole Man Utd!' * a very memorable moment indeed*
then I spotted this sign....this cannot be a fact because on the 7th day, God did not create anything, but He rested instead...:)

So those who are weary and fed up with all the things happening at this moment, take a break and find rest in Him who loves you.

I need that rest too.

wasSup Doc: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28

This is the promise He has given to you and me.


*jeSSicA* said...

if you go to the tourist information centre, there's a t-shirt that says 'on the 6th day God created MAN..chester.' hahaha so funny when i saw it that time!!!

Ang3 said...

Hahaha....that's quite POSSIBLE:)

I shall go take a pic there..

sarah said...

angieeeee <3