Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another phase of life

I have got back to Manchester since 2 weeks ago and the feeling of getting back into track for work has not yet settled.
My heart still weigh thousand stones, missing the good time I had back home, esp with my family members! They're the people I cherished most now..Am still very home sick, unfortunately..I miss having my papa and mama around, calling me daily making sure I'm surviving well. And my dad, would drive to KL from Seremban after his work in the evening, just to make sure that his little gurl has dinner at night and transport to work early morning and then he would drive back to Seremban again for his work..and the whole cycle repeated for whole 2 weeks. Pity my mum has to work in Kelantan and I didnt get to spend much quality time with her:( That's why i miss her more, her touch, her words and her love....
I also miss these cute 'lawyers' at home~ They both tried to accomodate me so much and brought me eat all the food i wanted. I just miss hanging out with them!
and if you asked me what food i miss most, it's none other than budu! The Kelantanese fermented fish sauce:P My dad knew i love it, and thus he purposely cook that just for me:) I'm so loved ey..
but thank God that Jessica was already in Manchester when I arrived. She even spring clean my room! I'm truly amazed by her 'POWER' to tidy up the messy room of mine! And follow:: THANKS a MILLION, Jess!!! and this gurl can cook! She has been preparing dinners for me if i come home late from work.....I'm seriously spoiled at the moment!
not only that, my ALL TIME EFFICIENT PA, Lily Chan even gave me a 'To do things' before she left! I'm just SOoOo blessed to have marvelous friends around me! :)))

And just to note down my birthday celebrations! Had to leave home a day before my big day and it was very saddening. It's been a while I didn't celebrate with my family members! But oh well, friends in Manchester had been very thoughtful too..
on my birthday itself, KeeFong, Steph, Shah and Jess organised a dinner at Red Chilli:)and SF-ers surprised me with dinner at Frankie and Bennys on the subsequent days...Wasn't expecting such a big crowd...hehe. Oh wells, many thanks, guys! God is good!

And not to forget all those who sent their wishes and love. Really appreciate those kind thoughts:)

Work resumes in MRI, currently attached to Mr Ravi, a general surgeon. As usual, talk like surgeon, act like surgeon..but friendlier a whee bit since we're sekampung, ya, he is a Malaysian:) Just that, at times having some long days in ward and theatre..need to get my momentum going indeed! :)

wasSup Doc: A touch from God is all I want and need...


Ah Pei said...

can i import jessica to my place please? my room needs some TLCs. hahahah

*jeSSicA* said...

it's just some things that i can do while i have much free ur room wasn't that hard =P just wanna bring JOY to u..

pei: hahaha import me? i never know i'm such a valuable 'product' =P