Saturday, May 14, 2011

random updates since back..

As the title says it all, just some random up and about since got back from Malaysia:) Highlight was with Jessica around of course, but previous post reported it and thus this post with some leftovers happenings..hehe!

So me, being the Mummy of the Cosmopolitan Place( basically where I stay:), decided to throw a steamboat party for the Cosmo church gang:P the budget given to me was 30 pound for 6 of us..and yesss, MiSSioN accomplished because 'Angie knows where to get good food with reasonable price ba... give myself a pat ey!
the Cosmo GangsterS...mummy and my many sons:) Shaun, Ivan, John, Adam and KahPs

let's see what I prepared: crab sticks, fish ball, beef balls, tofu, 1kg of chcken, prawns, salmon, mackerel, dumplings, vege and sausages! Fuyoh right...everything was just 30 quid!
tomyum and chicken broth soup based:)and see the boys...tak sempat sempat!typical everything and left....whole basket of VEGE!

Great catching up them:) Felt so bad that I didnt get to do much for the whole year I was there, *blame on the finals in Jan!!* and now, when am about to leave dy, just realised the much fun that I'm gonna miss..blessed to bless:)

Mr Pararajasingam, the renal transplant consultant that I was working with in my last posting. I actually self arranged this placement because I know he will involve me during the surgery and at least acknowledge my presence.Lol.. He is a Malaysian and yesS, he is proud to be one! Lol.. He just cant stop talking with me about the things in Malaysia even when he is doing a 9 stressful hours renal transplant surgery..

The graduated batch of Growing Leaders' Course 2010-2011 after running for a year now. Thanks to Ps Kim who has been constantly encouraging us to be a good leader for God:)
and the church threw us a DimSum feast at Glamorous Restaurant..see the amount of wonder the I'm growing horizontal now!!!! *stress*

Just yesterday, randomly after SF, Nicola suggested the idea of surprising Ellis(it was his birthday), our Ex cell group member and we just agreed to it. The visit was so timely! He wasnt expecting us at all because nobody would pay him a visit at 1120pm, right! It was good because since he has started working, he seldom join us in SF anymore, but just last year, the whole cell did the same surprise for him, in his house:) Think God has sent us there for a GREAT purpose.We ended up catching up with each other and prayed for all his worries and future.

hah, before I run off, i just need to SHARE with you guys this good stuff I have for breakfast since I got back..I have been eating this steamed Egg in Cereal drink + honey (my own recipe) for couple of weeks now and am in love with it! It may sound weird, but boy it keeps me very full! Try it if you like egg in soup..Lol
I spotted this lunchbox in Van Gogh Museum recently I was in Amsterdam. As usual, Angie went Gaga over it. Those sunflowers looks like they're dying and not as cheerful as sunflowers should be. I wonder what is he thinking when he drew this. Hmmm..but still I lurve his art work, esp this SunFlowers piece. *this item and also the sunflowers handbag gonna be in my wishlist* beams!

This week has been exceptionally good. It kicked off with the miraculous encounter with God in the bus, then managed to catch up with a few church friends whom I invited over for dinner. Very timely conversations and encouragements. God knows what He is doing and I'm very glad that am part of His great plans.

wasSup Doc: The best way to know God is to love many things.
-Vincent Van Gogh-


*jeSSicA* said...

u only started to have that for breakfast since u went back? i thought u have been having it previously since dunno when!

Ang3 said...

hey jess..yes actually i hv been drinking dis few months ago..even in aussie i was drinking dis n but since return is de time i started drinking almost everyday..hahahaha..

*jeSSicA* said...

wat's ur usual breakfast then if not this or pancakes?

Ang3 said...

>Jess: I used to eat cereal, or toast and egg with coffee! :)

ly said...

Very interesting breakfast ange.. Btw, I forgot to ask you to finish the 3 in 1 coffee!