Saturday, May 28, 2011

i lurve cooking!

but am is not really good at it..unfortunately! But, I shall try harder..Lol!
I bought a whole chicken one day because I offered to cook a meal for a few students who were so stress up over exams! So Aunt Angie decided to be the caterer and delivered to their house so that they need not worry about dinner!

Back to my whole chicken story, it was my first time cutting the whole chicken into smaller pieces! And Jess, I really took up the challenge and cut them:) BUT, i felt like I have mutilated them la...seriously, when it's wings and drumsticks were gone, it feels like...very very sad..yerr:( I think i will think twice when I wanna buy the whole chicken again...
So, the main dish of the night was:: Five spice chicken with shaoxing jiu:)
I think this is THE DISH of mine so far..*Jess, I just came up with this recipe, so you wouldn't have tried it when you were here..Lol! But phew, it turned out well...!and me, being the Bento freak, die die also wanna decorate their packed dinner! So, used a cheese sheet which says 'FIGHT! FIGHT!!' :)

There you go, the complete set of packed dinner for 2, ready for delivery:)

*I is very satisfied with my work lorv:P*

Overheard a student during prayer meeting just now, saying that he just had half a tub of ice cream for dinner because he has no time to buy food, stressing over exams...sigh..kelian daoo:(
I wished I have more time and also a better cook to be able to cater all of those students now..

Maybe next time, I open a catering shop during exams period and invite them over for dinner!

JIAYOU loo...all studenTs:)

God will be your pillar of strength and He will sail you through!

WasSup Doc: Cooking is my HOBBY, eating is my PASSION.
And thus getting fat is becoming a FACT!



*jeSSicA* said...

funny la u....kept mentioning my name...and wat think twice when wanna buy whole chicken again (i am imagining u telling that whole paragraph to my face hehe...)

i miss ur cooking hungry noww....

p/s: 你真的很有心eh! ♥♥♥

Ang3 said...

>Jess: miss ya too:) Mentioned your name so many times because everytime I do this and that, it reminded me of you, in the kitchen telling me this and that..hehe...