Wednesday, August 04, 2010

the MUST DO in Bristol..

Back for some updates...a short trip to Bristol to visit my dearest JiMuiS..finally managed to make a trip down south to see them after months of promise..Indeed had a great time with them...though Mel had to work, but one strong woman she is coz she could stay up late and chit chat with us...
So the following are some MUST DO when visit Bristol...erm..for me i guess:)

When thou art in Britol, it's a MUST to VISIT Starbucks on Sunday at Cabot Circus because Mel is working there as a barrista (I got all my spelling right this time:P)

the gurl who knows everything about coffee..*faint* when she told me she went and sit for exams which test her...ABOUT COFFEE! *salute*

then take a 15mins train to Bath's a must to visit Roman Baths there..the whole city is so beautiful too! Really scenic and breathtaking...the whole architecture and buildings are stunning!
the MUST EAT in Bath..Sally Lunn's bun which is a rich round and generous brioche bun, baked by this young French refugee named Sally Lunn! Best eaten with clotted cream. We tried a few flavours but the best is none other than their 66% strawberry jam and clotted cream..perfect Match!
*Kimmie looks so sweet here*!
then chill la at Royal Circus:)
i was so blur, cause we're supposed to visit the Royal Crescent which is another mile up hill, but when i saw this circus, i tot it was the crescent dy..AIKS!
I didnt manage to cover whole Bath due to the shortage of time..but oh wells, i will be back for more:)
i love these gurls!
::more pics can be seen in my facebook album::

and our daily night activity..tongsui by Mel + TVB drama and talk talk talk..Lol! We have SOO much to talk...till our next door neighbour had to knocked on our wall because we were making too much noise..LOL!
aww...I wanna watch drama nowwww...and see Kimmie or Mel do their facial!

can somebody tell me why i love bread so much????
i really wonder WHY..
it's making me fat but I just couldnt be bothered and LOVE it more each day!

I miss...the nice smell of BREAD.
but I miss the laughter of Mel and Kimmie more.
my room is so quiet with occasional ambulance sirens..

wasSup Doc: Friends are for life, and life is for friends. i love my friends! They're so special :)


*jeSSicA* said...

wah, u hear ambulance sirens, me here hear the noise of helicopter blades....really cannot-run-away-from-hosp-life =.=

Ang3 said...

yealor Jess..poor us:) coz the laziness to wake up early and travel to hospital

lil' miss sunshine said...

i was laughing out loud all by myself when i came across the line 'see kimmie and mel do facials!' LOL. so it's one of the must-do's in bristol! hahaha. love it love it loveee it!! :D :D

KidsDreamWork said...

Your photo reminded me of my 3 months stays in Bristol on job, love that place! :)