Thursday, August 26, 2010


I could remember when i first arrived Paris, she is one of the nicest aunt who greeted us warmly. When she found out i could speak fluent Mandarin, she came over and had a chat with me, asking me where I'm from, where i'm studying and even gave me a big hug, when she knew I'm all by myself studying in Manchester and didnt go back this summer. But just few days ago, due to some miscommunication between the us and the church members, she started to ignore us. She didnt even bother greeting me now :'( I wished things will turn out better soon. I pray that God will heal this relationship! I want to speak to her again and hug her and say, we're both serving this same AWESOME God.....If there is anything that we said wrongly and hurt her feelings, I will ask for forgiveness on behalf of everyone else...but i have no guts to utter this infront of her. Please pray or me.....

God's work continues:)

De-briefing! Exhausted after long day..

But teaching these children has surely lifted my weary soul up. And I know, i'm all doing it for my mighty God.

We do have an official website about our daily updates in Paris. Web adress is

There are some daily prayer requests there, do continue to pray for us, that the Devil will not be able to weaken our souls!

wasSup Doc: Only He will heal this broken relationship...In Him, I trust.

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