Friday, August 20, 2010

Bon jour Parieee!

Passport checked!
Bible checked!
Teaching materials checked!
Cash checked!
Sleeping bag checked!
Clothings checked!

So much fear in me honestly... Much training session has been conducted but i'm just not confident to lead a group and teach. (we're going there to teach the Chinese teenagers English, and conduct Youth Alpha course in the afternoon..summer camp in summary for a week)

Even our accomodation is uncertain and just yesterday we were told we're staying in another church!
We might have to cook our breakfast, lunch and dinner due to the restricted time.
I have stage fright, and I couldn't remember my lines in the sketch as yet!
And so much expectations from us...even just before we leave, so many plans still coming, wanting us to lead a Sunday school, do a sharing ONCE we touched down Paris later and worship lead in Cantonese/English and even in French!
There is nothing SOLID...and if you have known me better, i hate these kind of uncertainties!

but i guess this is how we rely on God more..Was reminded by Matt yesterday that we're to go with a humble heart, to love the people there despite the difference and also to share the good news! That's what we're all called for I believe..The great commission! Because when we're fearFULL, we're in a way faithLESS....and God is against FAITH and believe He will watch over us...

3 more hours and i'm going on board, to this foreign country..Please keep me in prayer! The only hope is to see these teeneagers' hearts transformed, God's glory shine in this beautiful and majestic city!

If there is one French phrase i need to learn, it's this
J├ęsus vous aime

(Jesus loves you)

wasSup Doc: Jesus is not a secret to be kept, we're going public with this, as public as a city on a hill -Dr Kim Cheng.

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