Monday, August 23, 2010

Greetings from Paris!

Salut~ (Maybe that's the only French I can speak now :P)

We've conquered 3rd day by God's grace :D I'm currently based in Chinatown, not in the heart of Paris though..But we could see the tip of Eiffel tower :) That's good enough at the moment since my main aim here is to do God's work..Allright, let me report how things have been for the past few days of my trip so far!
Our advert in front of the church we stayed in :)
We also had to carry mattresses to church as our beds..mission trip baa!
our hotel (in the church)!
We joined the French Students Fellowship on the first day we arrived! They're such cool bunch of God's children! Despite the language barrier, we had a good time praising our MIGHTY God together! We're all God's beloved:)
Jonathan and Andy shopping for our source of fibre:)
my temporary 'heaven'..BREAD~
First task of our trip...distributed flyers and newspapers along the busiest road in Chinatown! Aunty Angie is dragging trolley of leaflets and newspapers! all Fired up for God!
I'm sure if u're holidaying in Paris, you wont see this sight of Paris. When I was giving out the leaflets, i realised there are so many Chinese here speaking French or even mandarin! Most of them originated from Vietnam because France once colonised Vietnam..Thank God, my mandarin helps me loads to communicate with these bunch of people! Despite had to work under the scorching sun, it was a good experience:)
Sunday was our busiest day! We had to attend 3 different congregations..2 French services and another one was Mandarin speaking service! It was my first time praising God in French! It's quite difficult to pronounce French! But enjoyed the service although we cant really understand the sermon
Just before our last French service, we joined the student fellowship for bible study and we learned how Jesus healed Bartimeaus, the blind man. A simple faith as such is just what we need to be healed, to be saved :)
English classes started today.. I had 4 teenagers..honestly, it was difficult to handle them because of my ZERO French! *Please keep me in prayer, for wisdom to lead them for the coming days*
And this is what we do every night! Lol...prep prep prep! Pray pray pray:)
We have to give 110% of ourselves when we're doing God's work!
Our dearest aunties and popo( the woman in grey..she is 94 years old!) who come everyday to COOK nice yummy meals for us:)
one of our nyum nyum dinner:) We're so blessed to have Chinese soup everyday! These aunties literally come early to church and boil the soup for hours just for us.
Dinner at McD with the youths!
Allrighty, that's all for now..

Angie reporting under the lovely sun of Paris~
will be back for more EXCITING things God is doing here

*it's roasting here, felt as though i'm back in Malaysia!*
People here welcomed us warmly as well!
Being part of this God's family is GREAT!

Thank you for those who are praying for continue to keep us in your prayer.
We need strength because much preps still need to be done since there are still some last minute changes here and there! Despite being tired and exhausted at the end of the day, our souls are always reminded about His great love for us, and thus we're all refreshed to embrace a new day with a big smile:)

wasSup Doc: Each person is a unique expression of God's loving design..
that's the purpose I'm here in Paris!


lil' miss sunshine said...

i'm really impressed with what u're doing. u're really like an angel sent from the heaven! love u babe! have fun in paris and take care! xx

*jeSSicA* said...

if u have internet in ur classes, use google translate! can even read the word out! u teach them english, they teach u french =P

Josh Healy said...

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ly said...

loving the weather there! :D keep up the good work! will be keeping your guys in prayers :)

Ang3 said...

>Kimmie: All glory to God:) Thanks dear! Take care k...

>Jess: We're encouraged not to use other languages at all in class...only ENGLISH, so that we could encourage them to speak!

>Ly: thanks Ly for keeping us in prayer:) see you soon! huggies