Friday, July 30, 2010

Things to do b4 heading home~

This is a delayed post..Lol, just for Ly!

Before she headed home, we actually wrote down a list of 'things to do/eat'!

And guess what, we achieved MOSTLY of them! Yay:) So the following are some updates past few weeks before the gang went home :( Miss them soooOoo much now!

the LONG list..Lol (she even worte herself..why Lily so greedy one..LOL)
attempt on pancake to improvise our 'toast and milk' only breakfast:P...quite nice though:)

Pad thai and tom yum crave at Try Thai with the church mates:)

2nd pizza for £1 only at Pizza Express!gurlS outing to watch Twilight 3! Love it !Newly opened Ye Chan( Baekdu) for Bibimbap! Nyum~
Celebrated their birthdayS...quite early though..(Ly's 23rd Jul, Leonard's 9th Aug and Jo's 8th Aug) A farewell for Jo as well....
If one thing u must know bout Lily's favourite dessert..that's Ho's bakery Lo Po Peng! She can eat this almost EVERY weekend! Even the shop aunty can recognise us dy!
pheew....her 23rd surprise birthday cake from yours truly here:)
the ONLY shop in Manchester that sell Matcha ice blended..a.k.s Matcha Chiller! fantastically nyum! And decided to hv lunch there as well..the last day for Steph and Ly:( Sandwiches weer handmade and thus the freshly baked taste..Angie loves BREAD to maxxx!
satisfied..Hmmmmm!and finally Ly's birthday celebration at Sam's Chop House:)

Starter: Baked onion soup topped with melted cheese.

Their famour fish and chip with mushy peas! (it's been ages since i last eat mushy peas...i love)

Dessert: Toffee pudding with hot ceramelised gravy..Happy Big Day hun!

everything strike off from the list!
whee...finally they're ready to embark home for another Malaysian feast:)
enjoy gurls..
wil see you all in one month time!
Miss you. Miss me:)

wasSup Doc: absence makes the heart grow i understand fully!

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