Sunday, August 15, 2010

My expedition to Edinburgh!

It's the best TIME of the visit Edinburgh:) cause the yearly Fringe Festival just started! The Fringe is the world's largest arts festival with over 32,000 performances and more than 2,000 shows packed into 250 venues across the city. It is open to all: anyone can perform and everyone does- from students to superstars. And thus, it's a MUST to pay a visit and witness myself! PLUS, my darlings are there...sweet! :)
Arrived just in time after Ivy finished her work:) Tea time @ Peter's yard..niceE
and we realised the we both are ardent BREAD lovers!
Bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner..a okay! esp seeded bread..nyum~ Off we went for my first Fringe show- Out of the Blue, by 13 undergraduates boys, a cappella group singing a cocktail of songs with exhilarating performance! From lullaby, to pop songs! Impressive, unforgettable and i want to watch them cutie cheeky pies:D
syess, we made some bears and bunnies onigiri for the CF-ers that night:) Should hv taken a pic when we completed it. Unfortunaltely, we were rushing for time and didnt realised all were crushed and torn!!Distorted onigiri T_T
Right after the meeting, the whole gang of us went for SHOWSTOPPERs! My second performance of the day..
Indeed, they're REALLY good. Heard loads of good review about them..How this performance works is that before the show begins, the MC will ask for ideas from the audience. He then write down all ideas and the performers will perform accordingly SPONTANEOUSLY with a Marvellous storyline..SPECTACULAR..highly recommended!ahh, fresh baked seeded baguette with egg, tomatoes, salmon, olive and banana??(Ivy's newly created recipe!) She cycled early morning to get me this...!!! TQ hun:)

Us at the Fringe Festival! Whole stretch of Royal Mile was packed like sardine!
Sunny we went for another show! My 3rd show just within 24 hours! maximize the limited time i've there..!
Stop, Look, Listen...basically it's just a talk show by 4 of them, about the importance of STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before crossing the road...:P
and the opening parade soOoo excited!
tea time!!! Decided to sit on the green green grass in Princess Street Park..with nicee weather!
the breath taking view as we chat and chat and found out another similarity between us..that is..WE HATE CUPCAKES despite the pretty deco..we just DUN LIKE! Lol...Celebrated Fish's birthday at a Korean Restaurant:)The IMU Edinburgh knights!
i stayed at Sarah's on the second day..*we didnt take loads of pic ler dear!!!*
But my this lovely host again got up early and cycled to get me fresh baked tomato bread..I'm so loved~After church, we went Kampung Ah Lee for lunch! nice Malaysia Delight to fulfill my tastebuds..yay~ gurlSsssS rulesSs
Off we went to another parade along Arthur's seat! Literally 'People Mountain People Sea'
And yes, i forced them to pose like this...Do the Angie's pose..Addictive!
Just before i left that evening, Sarah made pan mee for us! wah...syiok dao! *satisfied*!

I love these BatWoMen C: I had such good time catching up with them! God is good to have blessed me with such adorable sisters in Christ..

Was busy with Anaesthesia placement in MRI last week It wasn't in my initial plan to do this placement. But I randomly met this Indian consultant when I was doing my cardio placement the week before. I just asked him to show me how he intubated the patient at that time, and he thought i wanted to do it, so he invited me to join him the subsequent week because there was no more patients on the list for surgery that day and he couldnt let me do. So i went in to join him in the theatre since this recent Monday. It was surely God's beautiful arrangement because he was soooOoo keen to teach me and the best part was he allowed me to do everything I wanted..from urinary catheterization, drawing blood, cannulation, setting up IV drips and intubation! Enjoyed myself so much despite having to go in 8am every morning and coming back bout 4pm! It will be nice if all consultants were like him..Dun take it as though am super hardworking, it's because i'm too bored to stay in my room ALONE and get so emotional and starts to feel stressful and binge eating! So i might as well occupy myself with something productive, and meet people right:) but oh well...exhausted i am, but God's timing is just soO purfecto! I'm again in AWE of His loving hands upon me~

*happy bunny is me*

One more week before Paris mission trip!
Having mixed feelings..part of me is excited to go and spread God's love, another part of me kinda worried coz much preparation still need to be done for the summer camp and english classes we are about to conduct! Please keep the team in prayer, for guidance and these teenagers' hearts to be receptive to the gospel.

wasSup Doc: When Christ is the center of our life, all else comes into proper focus.


Julian said...

Hey angie, How are you? =)

I have been getting some messages from angeleneteo(yahoo messenger), just wondering if it is you. Because a lot of my friends account have been stolen recently.

Ang3 said...

>'s NOT account was! Life is not bad..kinda bored at's home? hope u're enjoying the sun muchie too

CMX said...

your wayfarer sunnies is so cute!!

So much of funnn huhu

Ang3 said...

>CMX: thankies...:) yea..having fun b4 my final year starts! Then the fun will stop T_T