Saturday, July 03, 2010

a Tough life...

but i shall persevere on..
Indeed, it has been a tough week for both of us. So much dramaS happened just within a week, when we couldn't sort our accomodation out,and at the verge of sleeping on street! :P (not that serious of coz) just that God was so silent and last minute till the very end..but thankfully, He still reign and bless us....We knew He treasures the tears we cry, the prayers we uttered and the hard times endured...He sees them all..

What happened was that, we both were to stay in a church friend's house for summer initially since he is going back home earlier. And so, we didnt book in any summer hall like we did previously thinking that it's quite confirmed that our friend's place will be available by then. Suddenly, we were told that the owner didnt reply his mails and thus couldnt get the keys for us as he is flying back the next day! On top of that, our hall contract ends 2 days later! We were doomed by the fact that where are we going after?! Tried to extend our stay in Gabs for a few more days, but couldnt get any longer because students coming in for a conference! So we started scouting for houses/flats so that we could stay. Bear in mind we've got almost 40 boxes of stuff to move with!

Day 1 b4 contracts end, our friend Cheah told us that they are going to view an apartment with 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms. We thought GREAT, we might be able to stay there for good since that's our ideal place, 2 bathrooms! We looked forward for the hour for the house viewing but God shut the door when the agent called n said viewing got postponed to next week! We shattered, and cried. Prayed harder for another open door! 2nd day, another friend called, telling us her owner has another place. And if we decided to stay for summer as well, she wil only charge us 50% of the price! Woahh...wat a good deal huh! Straight away we went. But on the way, it was drizzling a lilttle. I told Lily I'm going to test God now to see whether this is the right place or not. I said 'If this is the place, Lord. Stop the rain now, but if it's not, pour down your heavy rain!' As we were walking towards the flat, it drizzled a bit, but few minutes later, it started pouring like cats n dogs!' I stared at Lily and we saw eye to eye that this is NOT the place. The flat didnt turn out well either, it was 40 mins away from hospital and it was in a poor condition. Door number 2- SHUT!

As you know, every new accom contracts will stars on the 1st of July. Hall contracts ended on 28th July! Where were we supposed to go during the remaing 2 days.1 Thankfully, God sent Aunt Pei Ching to us! She has a house nearby which she rent out for students, and at the right time, all her students were back home, so she could offer the place for both of us to stay for the moment just for 2 days, because her new tenants coming in on the 1st July as well! Nvm, moved to her place with the help of a mover! Allrighty, another 2 more days for the hunt of flat!!!!

Prayed harder, disappointments arisen but to cut the long story short, we realised that the place we booked to stay next semester offers summer accomodation and the best thing is that I get to choose the flat that I was allocated for the next semester! Means, I can move in to my flat for good, without having to move about 3-4 times extra if i were to stay elsewhere :):):) Only God could allow this to happen! And I guess this is the BEST option He has instored for both of us. Phew....we're almost settled now, but unfortunately, no internet in my place as yet...
Me and the many boxes around..too much to be true:(

Ly is catching up...Lol..
Us in our new place...phew! Despite the hard timeS, we have each other to support and laugh our problems off..God is really good to have blessed us both together! We became stronger after all these! Nothing is too small a problem for we have a BIG God.

The most recent family pic for a dinner! it's been a while ey...
Flowery gurls outing to Bread and Butter!

Busy choosing fruits...Lol!and finally gave ourselves a treat to Matcha Chillers and low fat blueberry muffin..the legendary refreshing drink from E.A.T!

Next up, last formal dinner in Gabs!
'Once a Gab gurl, forever a Gab gurl:)'and yipeEe..little miss Sunshine award! *ahem..self declared*
and some overdue picnic pictures at Uncle Lip's few weeks ago...
the well prepared food by the Lee's family!
very blessed to have them here in Manchester!
Great weather in Manchester!


Bento this week...Go GREEN please...:)
Project is on-going. In 3 weeks time, it will all be over! Then our Summer break will starts..
cant wait oh~

wasSup Doc: Life is bitter, but I shall not be beaten because I am God's beloved!


Huey Shann said...

dear... great! everything is sorted out now =)
I miss yoU~

*jeSSicA* said...

u meant 28th june? haha. so that's HOW and WHY and WHAT happened. cant wait for u to have internet soon!!

looking hot girl!

jasperseng said...

haha.... no need how no need why la... got place stay can liao lor... hehe = P

Ang3 said...

>Shann: yea...everythin is quite settled..only worry now is my audit am doing...need to start writing the LONG reports..argh!

>Jess: that's the LONG story laa...aiyoo...internet is not fixed yet, library is my only access now T_T Looking hot?! of COZ :P u're talking to ANGELENE!!! jkjk...

Jasper: yup, thank God for every blessing He shown!

jasperseng said...

eh... something out of topic.. i saw a mold in parkson... got rabbit shape got love shap got star shape... i pack with various sizes for rm5... want me to get for u ? or u have those d ?

Ang3 said...

>Jasper: wat type of mould is that? Cookies cutter? Egg mould? Jelly mould? there are loads of types u kno:P

jasperseng said...

i have no idea... but there write japanese,,, i dono how to read.. hehe maybe ur bento thing gua

Ang3 said... kind of u to offer to buy for me..but WHEN will i see you laa...mayb in that time i also got everything in heaven thanks laa..dun worry:)

Ang3 said... kind of u to offer to buy for me..but WHEN will i see you laa...mayb in that time i also got everything in heaven thanks laa..dun worry:)