Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer is FINALLY here:)

A big relief for me now..year 4 has finally come to an END:)
My summer officially starts nowww..not for long though coz I've occupied my summer with lots of events/visits/work! Will tell you more towards the end about my itinery and where i will be next!! :)

allrighty, wats up lately..apart from the DUEd report which i was so stress over with last's finally DONE:) And just 2 days ago was my 5 minutes presentation of the 11 week project that I've been doing...which then marked THE END of 4th year! So i can gladly welcome 5th year into my dictionary..which will be the scariest year of all..GrrRr~

So, after the submission of our reports, we decided to escape to London for a break! Just for a weekend though since we managed to get cheap train tickets a month before! So we rocked London over the weekend with the theme: SaShiMi...:P (Food Galore!)

Started off our journey with packed sandwich from home~

Then we arrived Borough Market...because that's where u get yummy food:P first time there though.

see the happy facesSss....C:

the cherries were HUMONGOUS!! Steph is so happie..

cakes.desserts.tarts.sweet tooth=US

and of coz, London trip won't be complete without DUCK!

and met up with ah's been AGES since we last met..mayb 4 years?? Lol..Japanese looking him...cooliu:P

and our journey continue with breakfast at the canteen in Malaysian Hall( exclusive for MalaysianS only)! we shared Nasi lemak and kuih nyonya and teh tarik..i'm bck in Malaysia for a day ( so at least I still hv a chance to eat Malaysian food despite not being to go home this summer n enjoy it T_T)and roti canai toO...think this is frozen one..:(

snack time...we had LOW FAT GREEN TEA yoghurt!! this is so AWESOME!

ohhh...we LURVE it!

and papa beard puff!! Unfortunely, Sunday didnt have green tea flavoured ones:( SoooOo disappointed. guess wat, i literally asked random ppl on the street who was carrying this papa beard box for direction to find this shop coz it's the ONLY shop in London! But too bad..didnt get to eat the matchaa flavoured onesT_T

Okonomiyaki! Jap Omellette for lunchie!

Om-soba..egg wrapped noodle

the excitement to see the waitress pan frying the omellete right infront of us!

it's one of the top 1000 MUST eat food in London! allright, 1/1000 ticked off:P

Taiwanese for dinner..Spicy beef noodle..with a reasonable price for a BIG bowl as such:)

and the man in black is Eric..Lol..the lighting is terrible laa..

Steph n myself walked till we're SoooOo tired..we desperately needed a place to 'gantung kaki'!

tadaa...well spotted stairs...we headed there and sat on the stairs :P outside a random museum i think..

half an hour later, we decided to walk further to find a more comfy place since there are lots of ppl walking up and down. Later, we spotted the Regent Park! And the above was the spot Steph n myself had a nap! Lol....talking ang mohs' culture now..

London is a nice place to visit..but not to stay for good though...busy city, crowded tubes, contaminated air, expensive cost of living and the list goes on..only advantage? BIG CITY and assorted food :) still prefer my old Manchester. home~

Allright, so as promised, my itinery for my summer since ME IS NOT GOING HOME...*SOB*

Ly and Steph heading home tomorrow...

So my schedule would be::

24th July- me is visiting Kimmie and Mel at Bristol

28th July- Manchester MRI hospital.

5th August- Edinburgh with Ivy for Fringe festival

20th August-30th August: PARIS for mission trip *looking forward for this 10 days mission trip*

31st August: year 5 STARTs and got posted to Cheshire for GP posting a month..

yup gonna be a busy woman again!

byeee...till then!

emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo kaooooooo coz Lily n Steph going home liao!

wasSup Doc: God's love can break down barriers... :D


*jeSSicA* said...

AH BUUU!! hahaha

judging from the clothings ur summer seems like our autumn/nearly winter here...

u going to PARIS too?! *envyyyyy*

Ang3 said...

> it's quite cold laaa:( not really summer also. going Paris, but it's for a MISSION trip :)

Ang3 said...

> it's quite cold laaa:( not really summer also. going Paris, but it's for a MISSION trip :)

LX said...

Angie! That 'random museum' is not a musuem.. it is my church lah!!! HAHAHHA!

Ang3 said...

>LX: is looks like a museum church:)

LX said...

Miss, next time you come London must meet up leh.. though I think that time u were in London I was having exams.. :(