Saturday, July 10, 2010

New place...

we called H-O-M-E! :)

So, we are quite settled and very comfy in our small tiny winny hut:) Don't be surprise to see the mess in our room, we're quite used to it dy despite the 'banyak barang' accumulated all over! Ready? Lol..u better be:)

TadaaaaAaaa.....OUR hut for the moment:P

our only narrow path into the room.

temporary make-up table, just next to the BIG working table:P

2 lappieS, 1 chair= we SHARED:)

working super duper hard to complete our REPORTS!!

our ONLY the PLANE size bathroom PLUS toilet! ArghHh....stress!

2 hooks for our towels, just right for us:)Comfy queen sized bed for us:)
the MUST show PINK bedsheet:P *quoted frm Ly*

ignore the mess in the Living room..belongs to my flatmate:) This flat didnt come with the flat screen TV though, once my flatmate moves out, the TV goes along as well T_T

our favourite spot i guess...the lovely Kitchen!2 pairs of legs, 4 pairs of shoes... US :)

after the hardtime of moving in and out...without a car is bad..that's when Angie had to turn into a SUPERwoman of NERD(with my bulky textbook), Mary Poppins( 2 umbrellaS), Aunty(Grocery) and MOVER( every other small things) just within one minute, and walked for about 10 minutes to our new place. It was tough, but it's quite funny that we could laugh it off with joy..because God lives in us i guess:)

Ly and myself in our new place..big relief, with a smile :D We're made stronger.... ^_^


our simple lunchie with love.

*bagel with ham and heart shaped pepper*

wasSup Doc: H-E-A-V-E-N is the ultimate we call home...are you ready to go home?


*jeSSicA* said...

whose room is this going to be?

mary poppins is coming to melb btw, if u saw my facebook status last week. worth going for the play??

Ang3 said...

this is going to be Lily's room:)
my room is currently occupied!


YESSS, u shud go to watch mary poppins! It is gOooOoOd :)