Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sharing is caring:)

My audit is not going as smooth as it is supposed to be:(
Been waiting ages for my consultant to send me back the editted version
and the deadline is THIS FRIDAY dy...She promised that she will reply me by last Monday and it's already Wednesday today....God is really testing my patience.

Stress level... is hiking up slowly..ArgHhhH...cannot take this anymore...why is this happening to me!
I was supposed to finish the whole project by last Friday but now, am left hanging here, dunno how to proceed on...God please let me receive her reply ASAP! UrgEnT....!!!

But, on the bright side, Bento giveawayS never fail to put a smile on my face since bento gadgets are so difficult to get. And also, the excitement of trying to be the lucky one to win smth..Allright, this blog->
Life is a blessing is having a FaBuLoUs check it out and win some gadgets for yourself:) Afterall, sharing is caring~ Whee....

Allrighty, back to my hut and continue to stress about my Project Option...This is not good, but Lord, i surrender it all T_T

I need Your touch again.

waSsup Doc: All to Jesus, I surrender...


Huey Shann said...

Best wishes to you my dear! Jia you jia you! Miss you lots =)

Anonymous said...

hi! hope you will receive HER reply soon. GOD bless! ^.^

Ang3 said...

>Shann: THanks dear:) Miss you lots too!

>Anna: got her reply..FINALLY! :) God remains faithful till the end! Yay~