Monday, November 30, 2009


I just got back from Huddersfield:)

An AWESOME retreat of coz...will update bout it more next thing i was reminded was to GIVE thanks again. In all circumstances, give thanks!

I forgot to say a BIG thanks to ALL OF U who had kept me in prayers throughout this period of preparation for my exams. From the facebook messages, SmSes, calls and emails. They're precious and lifted my soul so much:) Everyday when i check my mail, there were bible verses to remind me that God is there to sail me through, encouraging words to stir me on, and the LOVE that u guys poured upon me. U kno who u are and all of u will be blessed coz you have blessed me through your small lil act.

This lovely woman send me a pic one day and this really put a BIG smile on my face:) LOVE u Pei!!! thank U!

wasSup Doc: We see the power of God's creation, we feel the power of His love


Ah Pei said...

omg! can this be anymore paisehing! lols.

oh well, you've been great when i had my exams and craps. :P

you take care there. toodles.

p/s : shud have taken a better pic. :P

Ang3 said...

Pei: thanks for everything:) dun worry la..that pic is sooOo cute..i like!