Tuesday, December 01, 2009

SF retreat:)

As promised, am going to blog bout my recent retreat at Huddersfield. A mini escape from the hustle and bustle Manchester city:) and by God's perfect timing, it's right after my OSCEs, which is GREAT!

Theme this year was triple Rs- Relationship+Rest+Restoration!! :)

Speaker was Valerie Ooi, a gurl who is passionate bout God, ManUtd and Ice cream:P All of us had a great time there. Experienced His presence and fellowshiping with SF-mates:)

Val shared bout the story of Elijah. A man who OBEYs God faithfully. From the book of 1 Kings 17, Elijah by faith listened to God and escaped to Kerith, where he was fed by ravens and waited patiently for God's provision everyday. An empty brook as such illustrated that though it's nothing there, God's love is present. God just wants us to wait because in this waiting period, He is refining us, and mouldingus to trust Him for His providence just like how He instructed the ravens to feed Elijah by the brook. In each and everyone of us, we have loads of desires, but our God knows wat is good and wat is bad for us. So in order to give us the best, He wants us to be more patient and remember 'in not wanting and not having, you already have everything' because we have a God who gives cheerfully! A Father who loves to bestow us with blessings... All in all, rmb that God has the POWER. He is the source and He faithfully delivers. His ways are always HIGHER!
She also shared bout our spiritual gifts as well. something to ponder on...
wat are my spiritual gifts? how can i use them to glorify Him. Am still in the search for it...

us, in the train to Huddersfield:)
a beautiful surprise from God the second morning..SNOW:) quite thick one..and guess wat the weather forecast told us earlier..it's gonna b sunny..but it snowed:)
It has surely put a big smile on our faces:) because u can see all the kiddo us went out and play!

us in SNOW:)

Praise n Worship morning devotion:)

and my group got punished to write Missisippi using our bum!:P

SF leaders:) Well Done guys...this retreat wont b possible without all of u:)

my favourite POSE:P
Tea break in between session:)
and my SF big F.A.M.I.L.Y!

And finally, the most important message is that Jesus LOVES u. U're special in His eyes, in every ways:)

wasSup Doc:

To renew your love for Christ, review Christ's love for you

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