Thursday, November 19, 2009

i need prayers:)

*heart is racing fast*.....few more days to go b4 our BIG exams day for Peads + Obs n Gyn!
2 days of OSCEs! ARGgghHghh....So much things to revise, so many skills to master and need to brush up our communication skills...
-Patient's idea, concerns, expectations! Check check check!!
WHY CANT WE SPEAK LIKE AngMohsSs! SOooo, fluently..haih!

Anyway, as my title indicated...WE NEED PRAYERS..from my dearest frens all around! PLEASE..pwetty pwetty PLEASE.

Unfortunately, we both catch a cold and now we're having sorethroats..coughing coughing coughing..i kno it's definitely viral but still very tempted to start antibiotics to KILL all the germs! The weather in Manchester is not getting any better, strong wind, raining like cats n dogs..DRENCHED!

Prayer request: May God sustain our health, keep us warm and take away this irritating bug which is causing much nuisance! So that we both are at our optimum level when the exams day come..WE need strength to do our revision!

PLUS, i just contacted conjuntivits few days eyes are teary and itchy, RED and Ooozy pus GLUE my eyes when i wake up in the morning..bad sign:( I cant be blind now! I need my eyes to study! To inspect! To....SEEEEEEE!!
Luckily managed to go AnE this morning and get some oitment:)

Prayer request: May the infection in my eyes be cleared ASAP! Hope that it wont affect my speed when i study..SHARKssSS...bad timing larr..

Anyway, just a short update of our current status! Still persevering though physically tired. 14 weeks of travelling finally going to end..goodbye Fairfield:)


Happy Birthday Momsy:) Angie sending LOVE home:D

Dun worry bout me, Angie is strong gurl, rmb;)


wasSup Doc: Somebody in the movie 'Facing the Giants' once said it was written 356 times of the verse 'Do Not Fear' in the bible.

I am reminded that in one year, there are 365 days, and it's like God telling me not to fear everyday:)


*jeSSicA* said...

awww poor girl....why conjunctivitis again, and cough some more! =(

my osce is tomorrow!! arrrgghhh >.<

happy birthday aunty!!

jasperseng said...

Hey take care of your self ah... weather cold wear more jacket ok...

i'll pray for u over here... hehe...
dont be stress...

and dont simply take antibiotic... faint~~~

Jens said...

eh.. drink lotsa water and make sure u got enuf sleep ler.. big girl noe how to take care of urself k.. haha..

p/s happy bday aunty.. when is ur mum's bday? very close to mine leh..

Ang3 said...

>Jess: All the best for OSCE Jess!! U can do faith!:) I will pray for u:)

>Jasper: Thankies kawan! Will keep myself warm by wearing LOADS of layers from now onwards:)

>Jens: YES sleeping too much i think:) Anyway, mum birthday is on the 19th...which is one day after yea, kinda close horr...on behalf on my mum...say 'thank you for the wishes!'