Friday, November 27, 2009

as FREE as a bird..

for a few days:)
PhewwWww....i can now breath in and out with peace.
b4 the whole cycle repeats again next Monday!

But dun frust over that as yet. It's been a while since i can just let my hair down and chill~ not feeling guilty for not sitting on my desk and study....yipee~
2 days of OSCEs on Family and Children..basically it's Paeds and Obs&Gyn..2 big specialties that seems so new to us:) Preparation for this exams wasn't easy. Stress level built up as day approached, but God's peace was with us throughout. Of coz, we stumbled in a few stations, still we just want to surrender the results unto His hands. By His grace, He will surely sail us through. I'm reminded that by 'recognising our own smallness can cause us to embrace God's greatness'. So let His ever promising words carry us through:)

Anyway, celebrated YanLi's 21st birthday 2 weeks Cafe Rouge:) just some pics!

YanLi..the gurl in the middle:) Brightest! Youngest! Nicest! Smartest Malaysian student...

Happy birthday gurl, God bless ya:)

so POST exams, only Ly and myself were in the FnC module, the others are in Mind & Movement, so they sat for their exams later than us..That's y only both of us went..'ber-party':)

Not really la, we just went out and hav a meal at Tanpopo. An Asian restaurant to reward ourselves with Malaysian/Indonesian food:)

Ly's Indonesian mee goreng

my Malaysian char kuew teow! nyum:)

emo? happy? not satisfied? or...NOT ENUFF after all the adrenaline rush during exams:P

and we went over to Christmas Market to satisfy Lily's macaroons craze:P It's really the BEST in the world:) She has been craving for it since 1 year ago! Imagine how good that can be...SOo, those of u who are in UK, come Manchester and try urself:) Lily can be the spokesman for it..the hot puffy macaroons..brings u the warm u nid in the chill cold winter:) awwww..

Allrighty, finally say GoodBye to Fairfield:) 14 weeks of staying there..not bad actually just that it's physically demanding..That's not the end our adventurous travelling as yet.

Our next module is SSC, so we have to travel to North Manchester General Hospital for 3 weeks, but this time it's slightly nearer la. Just hope the timetable is not as crazy:)

Me and my small lil room in Fairfield:) quite like it:)
Okay dokes, am going Off to HADSFIELD in a few hours time..SF retreat!
3 days 2 nights...a good encounter with God.
Cant wait cant wait cant wait...WILL SURELY be very REFRESHING!
will tell u more when i come back k..
wasSup Doc: Imagine me without U, I'll be lost and so confused....


*jeSSicA* said...

it really has been a while since i last saw u that when i saw the pic with ur hair tied up, i only realised that i seldom see u in that appearance >.<

fairfield, hadsfield, wat's next? angelfield? =P

Ang3 said...

>Jess: i need to tie up my hair coz i got exams ma..the rules la:P so ugly kan:( anyway. my next placement is in North Manchester:) another 1 hour bus ride...woohoo..doin infectious diseases rmb?:)

*jeSSicA* said...

i hate tying my hair up too, but i did it for the whole 2 semesters~ perasannya i din even say u ugly =.= angelene angelene....*feel like singing ur name*