Monday, November 09, 2009

You light up my world:)'s been a great week as usual:)
Been to a few gynae clinics and antenatal clinics...Got to feel some pregnant ladies tummies....I am really excited and amazed by how great a woman can be, to be able to carry another precious life in her body, and go through the labour pain which is the WORST pain one cud ever experience...

Just the recent Thursday, I was waiting for this lady to give birth. It's her first baby, she is petite in size, and it took me 5 n half hours for the baby to come out, and the baby gurl was HUGE! 10 pounds 1...imagine that!! wahHhhh......when i saw the baby, i felt the baby is already like 2 months old:P Then another one which i just saw it half n hour ago..I'm REALLY traumatised by wat i saw..the mom was shivering in pain or shocked after delivering the baby, and needed a few stitches for her tear...she didnt even wan to hold the baby..It really got me thinking..shud i give birth in future, am really scared?!?woman woman woman....esp mumSies out there, YOU ARE REALLY AWESOME!! Thank you momsy:)

Anyway, weekend was quite eventful:) MCCC organised a cross sectional student fellowshipS Bonfire party! So students from 3 different languages (Cantonese, Chinese, English)congregations came together for games+food+Fellowship+FIREWORKS:D a good escape from studies. PLUS i could brush up and practise my mandarin, my mother tongue..It's been a while since i last saw fireworks...goodie good! Just a few pics to show:)


my small group members:) Nicola*Leonard*Joel*Angieit's been a while since i last saw them bcoz we cant attend SF when we're in Bury...nice to catch up with these peeps:PBatmen returns:) Aunty Angie made them pose like this!

i like!

yuppie...we've got a PRAISE item to share this week.

After our exams in 2 weeks time, we will all be allocated to do our SSC (Student selection component), smth like a 3 weeks attachment in a particular topic. And guess wat!!! we BOTH got our first choice out of 8 different topics we submitted! And the first choice of ours need not require us to write a 5k words of report!! Woohooo....the amazing part is out of 67 students who put their 1st choice for this attachment, by God's grace we're the lucky 18 students who get it! Amen amen amen..Thank You Lord:) Is it coincidental?definitely nOwaY....I was even quite prepared to get smth else, like A&E or ENT attachment.. it's well known this topic we got is popular among students since we rarely got teachings on it here..INFECTIOUS DISEASES it is called:P good n useful for us indeed :)

God is good....

(everybody shouts) ALL THE TIME!


wasSup Doc: BAXIA...the race continue, i shall not fear because no matter how dark my path is, His presence will surely Light up my world:)


*jeSSicA* said...

i have a quote to share with u from the book u gave me...

'A baby is God's opinion that life should go on.' - Carl Sandburg

imagine how cute and nice ur kids will be, just like u =) so dun be too traumatised by wat u see k, i know and i've heard though not seen how much pain the mother has to suffer when giving birth...but i think it's really a courageous and great accomplishment in life to do =)

good luck in exams and SSC! hugs

Ang3 said...

I like that quote:)

just hope my kids wont b naughty and be guai guai laaa:)

all the best in ur exams too!
then u shal balik kampung....:)

Ang3 said...
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