Friday, November 13, 2009

Random thoughts?!

'You're too good to be true....

a comment that i just realised is not smth nice to hear at all
in another word, it meant...

I'm too fake....??

i'm sorry i didnt mean to be that way:'(

wasSup Doc:
God gives enough grace for whatever we face


crz said...

No dear, it means that you're one of the extremely rare few of this dying breed of sincere people left in the world. It doesn't make any logical sense to give without expecting anything in return. It's absurd, almost stupid. The last time i heard anyone receiving a remark such as that, was Jesus. And it is not so absurd after all if you think about it, because in you, they're seeing that very same Jesus (:

wasSup Doc:
i see grace,
i see God's face,
shining pure and perfect,
when i see you,
i see love.

Ang3 said...

thanks Crz Poi:):)
u're one in a million!

I see Him!

CarynBear said...

good morning!
ur the true-est person i know k, & giving everyone her all, thats angel! *big hugs back*
heads up my dear =)

SHMILY said...

No, I am sure the person meant it in a good way..

Just like your name, you are an angel :) I must agree with caryn.. you are one of the true-est, kindest, most sincere person still alive on earth :) take good care angie!!! MUACKS! love ya :)

Jens said...

no la..

don't worry too much about it.. at times i also am misunderstood without having the idea of being thought in that way.. worst is that i didn't mean to say or do but i think u get what i mean.. haha.. and i noe that when you say things like this you don't mean anything but positivity..

so keep up the old ways of yours..=)

Ang3 said...

awww...thanks guys.
u all are so sweet:)

love u all dearestS....Angie really happy now:D

jasperseng said...

i tot 'You're too good to be true.' is a compliment ? was it not ? hmm...

sue wen said...

hey angeline,

i agree with all of them...

u're the rarest species still alive on earth!!!!

better preserve wat u have!!!

god bless and take care!!!

Ang3 said...

>Sue Wen: thanks dear...there is always room for improvement:)

To know Christ, Love Him.
To show Christ, Love others...