Saturday, April 04, 2009

a DAY of thanksgiving:)

I turned 22 a week ago. AHhhh, i felt so old with the double 2 as my age. Could still remember vividly my sweet 16 birthday party and just a flash in second, i'm already a WOMAN. Wokay, no more childish thinking but MORE MATURE thought! Grow up Angie! I'm still young at heart! Yihaa..

1 week prior my big day was my Big Bro's, Kee Fong's 23rd birthday! And since the birthdays of 3 of us(Steph, KF and me) are just 1 week apart, our planner, Lily Chan decided to organise a trio birthday party for us! Min and Siti joined us too...the Mancunians reunite! We had dinner at Hard Rock Manchester. It was our first time there and the food was soso loo. But anyway, it didn't matter because the people whom we ate with was of utmost importance! Snapped loads of pics that night, and here we go...*courtesy of Min's Sony SLR*
Us with our food

Happy Birthday to The Trio!!When the staffs in HardRock knew we're celebrating birthday, we were requested to stand on our chair and the people in the restaurant sang HB song for us*_*
another group pic!

Right after the dinner, we headed to Hilton Hotel for the aftermath party. It's our BROTHAA's idea and since he was the king of that day, all of us followed! Lounge 23, a posh, nice ambiance lounge, situated on the 23rd floor of Hilton Hotel. And the view from the top oversee the whole city of Manchester. It's not really great, i must say...we even commented that Vista's view is so much better as we could see Genting and Twin Towers whereas here..NO Sky scrapers seen, just lights! Again, it doesn't matter, whole lot of us had fun. That's more than enough:) Thanks peeps!

Steph, Ly Angie @ Lounge 23
the day B4 my big day...Lily, Steph and Shahira came over to my place and surprised me:) Lily baked my favourite Carrot cake! It tasted really really AWESOME! The texture was just nice, soft in the inside and yum yum! PLUS POINT: she used half the portion of OLIVE OIL needed to bake it and it still tasted good..I almost finished the whole cake myself..but control control lar yea:P THANKIES to all my dearestS, who had made and effort to gave me such a surprise:) *touched*

surprised!! They sneaked into my room when i went toilet..

Make a wish..make a wish!

My baker, ,my secretary, my twin, my best friend:)

BEST carrot cake ever!..aww, 22 years old dy..

Konica moment!

on the BIG day itself:)

Had a date with Jessica at 8am in the morning! MSN and webcam:) Thankies for all the surprises within a gift!

Haha, i made her eat apple with me:)my gift, flew all the way from Melbourne! See the fav!

Went to church after that for a spring clean. some paintings+washing+vacuuming+reconstructing work need to be done..Most of you would say wat a way to spend your birthday..yup indeed. it's a great way to start off my Big day.. Being able to serve Him on my birthday day is the best gift to put a smile on His face for the 22 years of blessings He has showered upon me:) Somebody once told me birthday is not a day of celebration only, but a day of thanksgiving unto our Lord who has created me for a reason. However, student fellowship did surprise me with a HUGE MANGO cake..and this cake was freshly baked from a Chinese bakery. Lily and i always crave for such cake coz we hardly eat fresh baked cake here, and it's really expensive to buy one. And this bakery is really famous for their cake:) Cheers!

Happy birthday to m3*_*

Wong Wong freshly baked Mango cake! And the zodiac:)

Kena attacked! I've got strabismus in this pic..Cacat:) whole face was..DESTROYED:P

Thanks my dearest SF!

After cleaning, i met up with Edwina. The whole IMU gang came all the way from Notts to eat dim sum...She celebrated her birthday one day before mine. Good catching with u my dear. We're the Mac babies!

Nonetheless, my dearest family members brought me out for dinner at this Japanese shop called Little Samsi. Lily booked the whole shop for my BIG day!! Muakkkakakak...actually, the shop is a take away Jap food shop, and not many people will sit in and eat. But that day, 4 of us went and the whole place as though were booked by us! Angie's Day...wat to do:P Had a lavish Jap Deluxe bento with a reasonable price. Arigatou gozaimashita....

Me and my bento box! Salmon terriyaki!

Stephie Da Je!

LiLy, xiao mei..

brothaa Kee fong:)

Yup, i brought my leftover carrot cake to blow candles again:P I love blowing candles(:

Us, the only diners in Little Samsi!

and i'm so blessed to receive some pressies n cards from my dearest friends!

KF, Ly, Steph n Shah bought me this 2 GB memory card for my phone. Did i tell you guys that i lost mine? I dropped my phone and the tiny chip went missing! And these friends of mine, knew i was kinda sad over it, so they bought another one for me as my birthday pressie! Thankies guys!!!

Ivy ang ang got me loads of PINK and STRAWBERRY stuff! Gloves, body butter and body gel PLUS the cute pink badge!

Mel sent this Crabtree and Evelyn pouch with lavender flavoured body gel, shampoo, soup and hand cream from Bristol! And when she gave me a call on my birthday, she insisted me to use them..but dear, i have no heart to use them larr...let me keep 1st k:P

Kimmie gave me this cute Betty Boop Shirt and short pants from La Senza. Thankies honey!

and...SUNFLOWER! plus a book entitled 'Captivating', which reveals the heart of woman's soul in God's eyes..Thanks Julian!

my papa n mama sent their angel this card:) So sweet of them..The best parents ever..

WeiLin sent me a card from Melbourne too. See wat she draw behind the envelope! She sent along the SUN from Aussie! Thankies! It warmth me up indeed:)

Stephen sent over some gifts from Singapore! Oh, though the name on the magnet is spelled wrongly..nvm la, still the same pronunciation right. PLUS POINT, there is a sunflower on ngam. And interpretation of the name is-Angel/Messanger which suggest a pretty, shy, sweet, soft and gentle woman..How many criteria of these i fulfilled?..u all know best:P

And this card is really special..when it's folded, it says 'Happy Birthday'

but when u flip it over, and rotate clockwise, the 'happy' is changed to Jesus..remember Jesus Loves you:)such card with SUNFLOWERSss just made my day..big BUNCH of thanks from Sarah!And the many other cards as well...i've pinned all of them up! Thanks for making an effort, to buy a card, write nice and sweet messages and sent to me! Am very happy...having your blessings with me!

Not to forget, those who pick up your phone and call/sms me! Even those who wrote on my wall on facebook( i'm still fasting from FB, so i haven't read any of those messages, but i still wanna say BIG thanks for all the wishes!!) or wrote me emails..TQ TQ TQ..

Thank you all for remembering who Angelene is and wishing her 'Happy Birthday' on her birthday. Small gestures like this definitely put a smile on her face:)

wasSup Doc:

You are who you are for a reason

You're part of an intricate plan

You're precious and perfect unique design

Called God's special woman or man.

::I'm not an accident::


*jeSSicA* said...

goodness, i was surprised to see the webcam pic there =P glad to know u enjoyed ur big day with so many celebrations!! eat eat EAT muahahaha

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: Yea..there is a GOOD reason to eat eat EAT:P

Huey Shann said...

What a great celebration!! =)
I know you must have had a very very very wonderful birthday (even before I read your blog post :p)
Everyone loves you so much! =)

Ang3 said...

>Huey Shann: Hehe..great celebration indeed:) It's a blessing to have all u guys loving me and remembering my big u dear!