Monday, April 27, 2009

Bits n pieces..

Last Thursday was the last day of my attachment to Vascular Surgery department. Moving to a general medicine ward starting tomorrow. Just pray that the consultants there are nice as the ones in Vascular:) So after the last teaching session, we had a group pics with the 3 consultants from the ward:)
sitting from Left: Mr Smyth, Mr Murphy and Mr Inglott (all 3 are the top notch vascular surgeons in MRI!)

And juniors had a dim sum gathering with seniors from IMU. Didnt take any pic tho, all were busy eating.. and that very night, went to Kwok Man Lou for dinner. Wahhh, thanks to Steve, the dishes he ordered was...crazily good!
chef special dish: Brinjals with minced pork(*****)
Stir fry chicken with chilli(****)
Sweet and sour Pork ribs(****)
Beans with belacan and little shrimp(******)
Jap Toufu with fungus and mixed vege(*****)
Steve and Kee Fong..headache headache:P i wonder why...
Group pic:)


4 mummy:) Ly, Steph and I had grilled BBQ turkey with parsnips and broccoli:) simple but nice. Top up with honey dew as dessert...yum!

and FINALLY i received Mustaqim's delayed 'Xmas wishes on snow' !!
Have been bugging him to write this for me on snow since last Christmas and i just got it recently, coz it snowed in Canada few days back:P Poor fella, still suffering in the freezer:P
Mussy, we have SUN in Manchester!!:)
oh wells, the effect of the writings on the snow using sticks is AWESOME right? Plus point, his shadow with the 'peace' sign..super artistic, no doubt:) And this was also done by him 3 years back when we were in IMU. He cut them using the polystyrene cutter..see the little cupid with the bow and delicate!
PLUS, there is a 'peace' sign too:) It's his signature i guess!

Thankies LENGZHAI-MUSang!

i love it:)

Coincidentally, both pics have the 'peace' signs:)

i noticed it when i looked back the pic taken 3 years back.
God has spoken to me through Mus' pics.

" The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds"
-Philippians 4:7-

wasSup Doc: Peace I leave with you, My peace i give to you;
not as the world gives do I give to you -Jesus


*jeSSicA* said...

gosh the last pic so nice!!!

p/s: u put so many stars for the food pics, really enjoy makan yea... =P how many stars for home-cooked food angie? hehe

Ang3 said...

>Jess: erm, home cooked food..maybe 10 stars:P coz home cooked food is NICe and healthier:P
less salt, less sugar, less oil..wakakaka

~*eley *~ said...

malaysian foood malaysian tai chow foodddd :D

khairul said...

eh.. who is this lengzhai mus that u speak of? i bet he really is super lengzhai!!!! hahahaa

eh eh, how come u have that xmas thing ah.. i dun even remember doing such art of pure lengzhai!!! hahaha why never pass to me one... grrrrr

nice pic of food.. u r making me fat again!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh