Saturday, April 11, 2009

His anniversary...

One year ago, on the night of this very day of His death anniversary, one good friend of mine came over my place and showed me this video. It touched my heart. Since then i told myself, i will put this video up one year later when this day arrives.

And guess what, one year later, on the exact day at night, i was overwhelmed when my church in Manchester showed the exact similar video just now in service.

Is this a coincidence??

Definitely NOT, it's a REMINDER to tell
The L.O.V.E
He shared for both you and me,
when He sacrificed His only son who is sinless, to bear the shame and being nailed on the cross.

This is it.
'The Bridge'

WATCH and be blessed by it.


wasSup Doc:
No matter how much we give, we could never outgive God, for He has given His all for us..Nothing speaks more clearly of God's love than the cross of
Jesus Christ.
thank You, Father..


milochel said...

wow.. what a meaningful video :) Thanks for sharing this :)

vi said...

Thanks for sharing this Angie :)
Happy Easter!!

Just like your name, you are like an angel :)


*muacks and hugs*

Ang3 said...

>milochel: you're most welcome. This great news is meant to be shared:)

>Vi: Glad you're touched by it:) Jia you there too...exams!! U can do it my dear!