Saturday, April 18, 2009

YORK, conquered:)

It was a very spontaneous, last minute decision to visit York.

A random thought just came to our minds and that very night, we bought out ticket and sooner than we thought, we're already in the train towards this beautiful small city:)
the adventurous 4!
A beautiful Saturday morning, woke up at 5am to catch the train at 640am...The sky was still dark, but 4 of us, SUPER excited, for the very 1st time, together we're going to explore the unknown city of YORK. Woohoo...
beautiful, scenic York River.
Majestic York Minster

Us, in the Minster!

Half way there to the top of the Minster!

phew, after climbing 275 winding stairs, we conquered the tower!

B4 we went, many people has been telling us about the legendary cafe tea rooms called the Betty's. Just look at the queue of people lining up to go in..Being the Kiasu Malaysians, no matter wat it takes, we sure want to give a try as well. Thankfully, the branch of Betty's called Little Betty's was not as crowded as this.Freshly baked buns that tasted AWESOME!Mouth watering desserts..slurp!

Cute biscuits on displayed

Finally we got a place in Little Betty's!

Stephie and her Milk Shake..

our Sandwiches..LunchieYorshire raisins tart..

Almond biscuit cake me, being a bread lover, bought a bun from Betty's! Awww...just loving it and so gonna call York 'the BREAD paradise'!

us in the city of York!This is the Museum Garden. In the garden itself, there were loads of ruins all over the garden!

During our visit there, there was a celebration by the vikings. so i got hold of this man and asked him to take a pic with his costume:)

It's spring!
the pretty flowers!! *mum, this is for u*!Ly n I on our shades! It was such a sunny day!Us, in front of the Clifford's Tower. One of the symbolic tower in York:)Yup, that's bout my Day trip in York..p/s: see the whole stretch of walls, it's called the City Walls. It was used for defence against the Scots in the 13th century!

a small but beautiful city with many bakeries..i like:)

It's never easy to find time to visit places in UK esp being a medical student with such short breaks. But glad we made it this trip. One city down, more to come...!

i just came back from the North England Easter Conference in Cefn Lea Park, Wales. More updates bout it k..chaoz!

wasSup Doc: I'm looking forward for something...something GREAT that God is about to reveal!


*jeSSicA* said...

....275 winding stairs...sounds like batu caves =P

haha i didn't know u are a bread lover!

and oh u went to wales! muz be nice!

Ang3 said...

>Jess: I have never been to batu caves..shall conquer that one day:)
and YEA, i'm a BREAD lover..that's my biggest weakness now:(

~*eley *~ said...

omg omg omg.. this is seriously torturous.. WHY DOES FOOD THERE LOOK SO NICE?!?! :(

Ang3 said...

>eley: Yup, they're nice..but no fight compared to those food in Malaysia:'(!!! I wan aunthentic Malaysian food...curry laksa, char kuey teow, satay, nasi lemak, seremban siew pao...AHhhh. Torturous to think about it..sob!

Ly said...

Bring me back to York! I want to go to Bettys!!!! :(

Ang3 said...

>Ly: Oh yea!! Let's go YORK again!!
i miss Betty's!

~*eley *~ said...

i put photos on my blog so that u can have a "feel" of malaysian food alright. better than nothing.. HAHAHA :p

Ang3 said...

>eley: so 'nice' of u my dear...torturing me more...muakakkaka..but thanks least i can SEE and not eat...ahhhhh