Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Easter is near, most students are on their holidays already..but not for me YET. I still need to go in hospital everyday..and the break will only start next week, just for a week...cant wait cant wait:)
And since Easter break has started for the students, this means, the hall gurls mostly are back home and Manchester is again quiet. This also means, Lily and me wont have food for 3 weeks. Even our caterer has 3 weeks holidays..sigh. Anyway, to survive, we just have to cook! Simple and healthy meals!

I dunno why i'm kinda into cooking now..Not that i cook very complicated food, but the work of cutting vegetables, meat and fry them just makes me happy. It somehow increase my serotonin level and I dont find it stressful at all:P was just telling my friends that i dun wan to study anymore but to be a housewife and just cook cook cook....mukakkakakak. Just a random thought:P Bear with me with the many food pics below, need to show my parents what their little gurl knows to cook dy...impressive, Mom n dad?? There is definitely more room for improvements:)
Oven baked salmon with honey and lemon +spinach with egg+cabbage
(i got this recipe from the British Heart Foundation leaflet)
BBQ chicken with Fajitas:)
Beehun soup with chicken!
Steph was cravings for sweet potatoes Tong Sui..Since i've already mastered the Red Bean tong sui, i went on trying to make this..and it tasted great! I just love making sweet sweet tong sui:)

Fried rice..easy and fast:P I just put chicken, vege and rice..and FRY!

Dun really need any skill:)

Steph cooked this pasta for us..NICEY!

Just yesterday, Lily cooked minced pork with oyster sauce..see the BROWN rice we had..told yea, we're going healthy. PLUS the big pot of vege! both of us LOVE vege so much that makes us wonder at times whether we're eating too much vege:P

Finally, we had BBQ grilled pork chop with garlic bread(not very healthy i kno) and vege:) something new..still it turned out well!

Yup, that's about our daily dinner...gonna try more is not that hard after all:P

Since i promised to show you guys my lunch box..Here you go! I had this last Monday.

Contents: brown pita bread, Tuna, cherry tomatoes, peas and cucumber. Top this up with an apple! Not that great i'm afraid..but it's a balanced meal, with protein, carbs and vege!

Recently, i am obsessed about Japanese bento(lunch box) and i'm so in love to want to decorate my lunch box..but i dun have all the utensils and a proper cute lunch box:(

I want to turn my pathetic lunch box to these!!!

Little flowers as deco..just nice for spring!

Hello Kitty Bento!!! My fav...u'll just smile wide wide when it's time for lunch!

and SO appetising! the rice balls have face expressions!

see the small little fish tubes in the rice contains soy sauce! Convenient and can decorate the box at the same time..Japanese are!

and I WANT ALL THESE accessories to design/decorate my own bento!

p/s: anybody who is back in Malaysia, IF u happen to go Daiso in the Curve,KL/Melacca Mall/One Borneo Hypermall in Sabah, please help me check out the price of all those utensils..i've checked online and most of the stuff are so expensive and only can get from Japan or US!!

anyway...that's my obsession now:P making a nice cute pretty lunch box for myself!

Move on, the gurls..Ly,Shahira n me went to Jason Mraz's LIVE concert in Manchester last Friday! one word..AWESOME!

Opening act by a local band..the concert started at 7pm!

2nd opening act by this Norwegian band..her voice quite nice tho..
and finally, after waited for 2 hours..JM came up on stage and the crowd went crazy!!

His live performance just blew my head off! He sang quite a number of songs, including his famous hits Lucky and I'm Yours

the whole concert ended bout 10.30pm..and the three of us went on another mission!

It's Stephanie's we went to her house to give her a surprise with ginger bread man.btw, we celebrated her big day the day b4 when she came over our place for dinner. Lily baked her favourite banana cake..the present we got for her:)'s a box full of food with lovely messages attached!yup, the ginger bread man that we have to decorate ourselves:)

**Happy Birthday Stephie**

wasSup Doc: Gratitude is the memory of a glad heart.

::I'm thankful, I'm happy::


CarynBear said...

drools...***ur food looks nice also lar.. u all cook for me too k? =p
and wat a coincidencee.. i m recently into Bento boxes also. hehe. so cute rite!
lets berbento-bento together one day =)

Ang3 said...

>CarynBear: u're into BENTO too??Muakkakak, yea yea..let's berbento one day:P really cute..i cant stop thinking bout it and looking through internet to get ideas! but i wont make till so complicated lar..not that skillful:P show some of ur bento!!

*jeSSicA* said...

muahahaha finally start cooking eh? hahahaha *sorry ar i still have to laugh cant help it =P* happy for ya!

keep up the good work!! i can give u tips if u want...hehe see that's why i said cooking is fun...not stressful, and it's a short break from study/work =P

p/s: i have a jap friend oh. haha

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: stress and u're right, it's an excuse to escape from work:P U HAVE A JAP FRIEND?!?! come on, intro intro:P i wan to Japan and get those cute utensils(i'm dreaming...):P

Zzzyun said...

lol but if my bento boxes were that nice, i wont feel like eating it already... haha

Ang3 said...

>Zzzyun: Hahah...then no point making bento lunch my dear:)

ivyyy! said...

oik hehe you supposed to cook dinner for me today!(:
a few more day to holidays dear. press on.

Ang3 said...

>ivyyy: I would love to cook for u my dear..but no high expectations from me ar..u might cook even better than me since u've been cooking so long...hehe:) we shud together-gether cook! Miss u loads !!

Anonymous said...

jason mraz was in malaysia, and when i wanted to go, no one wanted to go with me. sighz.