Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey peeps, am back:) went kaput a few days..busyness with work n other stuff..or maybe i just love to stone at this precious corner in my room, doing nothing:P
Work in hospital has been busy as usual, but we're enjoying ourselves loads, with clinics, surgery, ward rounds and teachings:) Goin in as early as 8am is no longer a problem for us, but coming back at 4pm still make us tired all the time. Generally, all students in Manchester are having their Easter break starting tomorrow, and their break is 3 weeks! As for me, we've got only 1 week, which is 2 weeks later..Oh wells, that's the life of a medical student. Just bear with it, loads of work, not many holidays, and by the time i finished, I dont think i could cover the whole Europe as other has:(
Last Friday, we went for a whole day dermatology sign up in Ashfields. 1 hour bus ride there and transport was provided by the university. A session with talks bout dermatology issues, drugs contraindication and some lectures on endocrinology. oh, the so called DELICIOUS lunch was prepared, nothing great, just some sandwiches, choco cupcakes and juices..Dun expect too much from the lunch provided here, it's all about sandwiches...not like back home, with nasi goreng or curry or kuih-muih. Since then, i've been eating sandwiches for lunch almost everyday! We pack our sandwiches of coz, if we were to buy everyday, we'll go pokkai! Coz a descent sandwich here cost 2 pounds at least, which is RM 11!!NO way i'm going buy that..Hahah..I'll show you my lunch pack next time k:P
Had been playing quite a lot of netball for the past 2 weeks!! Practise session with the gurls every Monday night, in the cold, outdoor and Matches against other hall gurls on Wednesday night, indoor*whee*! Netball is now my hobby! It just makes me happy. Leaving aside all the worries and run for the ball! i like^_^
Gabs Gurls Netball team!
Last weekend, we decided to bring Shahira to try the Jap food since she has been craving for it since ages. Rmb the big slice of Unagi with rice deal in Wasabi i showed you guys earlier on when my cousie came. Yup, we went there again! Yummilicious oh...Right after that, we had a Strawberry feast with Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. Mind you, we didnt finish the whole tub. We know it's fattening..We know how to control k:P

Picnic in my room after dinner:)

The huge strawberries n B&J Ice-cream! Btw, that huge tub of ice-cream was given by my hall for dinner one night! Everybody got that one huge tub!!! This shows how generous Gabs is!

and that very Sunday, we had turkey for dinner! with our fav broccoli+mushroom. These 2 dishes have been posted in my blog for so many times dy.

Just yesterday, Student fellowship volunteered as stewards in a concert by Stream of Praise.An evangelistic outreach project organised by my church. Stream of Praise consists of a group of Chinese singers travelled all the way from USA to perform. They're having a British tour and Manchester is one of their stops. They had travelled to so many countries, and from one of the video showed when they were in Hong Kong, it seems this team is kinda well-known. Almost 4000 people turned up in all 6 concerts held there. The so called Chinese version Planet Shakers i guess:) The gospel is spreading everywhere!

Quite a lot of people turned up for this concert:) Kinda weird to see so many Chinese in Manchester. Muakakak..and my mandarin was in good use:)

Stream of Praise, worship CDs and DVDs! The songs are quite nice! All composed by themselves! They have their own studios in USA!

And Us! The stewards:) Greet everybody with a SMILE! That's our motto that night!

Just something to share. There was one day, I got nothing to do in the afternoon after my GP posting in the morning, so i decided to go in hospital to take a history from any patient. None of the patients in the firm i'm attached to was free, so instead of going home n did nothing, I wandered a while in the hospital and a while later, i ended up in a trauma ward which I have never been to. I walked in, not knowing anybody and later spotted an old lady smiling at me and greeted me 'Good Afternoon'. Opportunity i thought! Yup, i went forward and introduce myself, and asked her permission to take a history from her. As we talked, she told me she goes to church every Sunday and I told her I do too. I told her I'm from Malaysia and she grabbed hold of my hands, with a big smile, saying 'welcome to Manchester, Love'. I'm so touched, she then continue telling me that Manchester is a nice place and MRI(the hospital i'm based) is a top-class hospital for you to be trained as a doctor. I nodded my head and agreed with her. Just as i was about to leave, she said' God bless you'! And i replied back the same...How I ended meeting this old lady was still a mystery. But deep in me, I know God has put this old pleasant lady to tell me that He has put me in a GREAT place, which is Manchester. I always wonder why God send me to Manchester when my first choice is to go Australia, and based in MRI where NOT a single IMU seniors is here. MRI has always been the highly demanded teaching hospital by the Manchester students because it's based in the city centre itself, whereas the other 3 hospitals are away from the city. Why here, Why me? I'm still on this challenging journey to find out my purpose here.

wasSup doc: PBPGINFWMY:)


JaCeLyN said...

angelene!!! happy birthday!! haha... have a blast in manchester =)oh yes... may the Lord continue to shine upon you always even though it rain lots in manchester...

Ang3 said...

>Jacelyn: Thanks my dear:) Yup, He has been faithful! GBU too..

weeLee said...

happy birthday to you angelene !

edwina said...

we aren't able to fathom how he works his way thru but we know there is hope in him and just by putting our trust in him, He wil guide our paths! He has brought u here for a reason...And i know he WILL unveil it in time to come!!!

Hope u had a great dinner!!! Was nice catching up with u just now!!! *hugs*

Ang3 said...

>weeLee: Thanks WL!!

>Edwina: indeed we have no idea wat great plan He has instored for us, just wait and trust:) rmb, Please Be Patient, God is Not finished with me yet(PBPGINFWMY)*_*

great catching up with u too my dear:)