Monday, May 04, 2009

do NOT worry...

Started my attachment to a general medicine firm. Currently having 2 cardiologists, 2 haematologists and a general medic physician teaching us. Teaching session by one of the haematologist was quite good, he showed us a patient with MASSIVE SPLENOMEGALY, due to Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Poor woman was so weak lying on her bed, but still she allow us to palpate and percuss her big spleen...Felt so bad..but she smiled and said:' it's ok, you just have to learn, dont ya?' So nice of her:)

Then Ly and i interviewed a patient in vascular ward who is a known diabetic with a gangrenous toe, waiting for amputation of the big toe. Being trained with the Calgary-Cambridge method to take history, i didnt forget to ask the patient this UTMOST IMPORTANT question, which is...'what is worrying you now' show my concern:P and guess wat he said:" Nope, i have no worries. Do not worry about thing that hasn't happen..." I stunned. I could remember vividly that the passage from my quiet time few days back was about the verse from book of Matthew 6-DO NOT WORRY..I could sense that God is speaking through him. Holding to His words, reminding me not to worry*_*

And the following are just some highlights of my week...Last netball match for this year.
Though we didnt do really well, but we had loads of fun.
Last Fri night, we decided to bring our fellow Malay friend, Shahira(Singaporean) to try chinese food! And the new shop around the corner, Red Chilli is HALAL! Woohoo...yum!
3 braised yellow croakers:) Tofu with shrimp eggs^_^
and the highly recommended dish, SzeChuan Lamb! AWESOME..but very oily:(
beloved Shahira!
to eat or NOT to eat..that's a question..hmmmm?
since we ate out on Fri, we decided to eat IN on Sat:) Save some money and go HEALTHY yea:Pwe had grilled BBQ chicken(dun hv any pic tho:P).
But this cod was for last Sunday's dinner. Just to show u,mum, the nice cod fish we had with meatballs:)
And i tried making apple crumble. Sorry for the UGLY pic of my crumble.
In case u guys wondering how it tasted..hmmm, i think quite ok of coz:P
Just want to emphasise 1 thing here. It's a super HEALTHY apple crumble:)
1st, instead of using sugar to sweeten the apple, i used honey to sweeten it
2nd, instead of white flour for the crumble, i used wholegrain wheat flour and oatmeal to sub it.
3rd, instead of 55g of margarine, i used 30g of vege margarine only
there should be a 4th good point, which is to sub white sugar with brown sugar, but i didnt, coz i dun hv brown sugar at home:(
in short, it's a FIBRE rich apple crumble. Credits to the recipe recommended by the British Heart Foundation leaflet! *looking after my heart:)*

Sunday: Church celebrated the 43rd anniversary service today. 3 congregations of different languages(Mandarin, Cantonese and English) gathered together under one roof. Theme for this year is 'Unity to bring Glory to God'.
Dr Yeng Xiong, the MC of the day, who conducted the service in all 3 different languages..Fellow Malaysian:) Memang boleh!
Happy 43rd Birthday MCCC!

wasSup Doc:
Jesus whispers "I am with you"
In the hour of deepest need;
When the way is dark and lonesome,
"I am with you, I will lead."
faith in Christ is not just a single step, but a life of walking with Him


~*eley *~ said...

the tofu w shrimp looks like mango man!!! scary...

JaCeLyN said...

timely reminder bout not worrying when everything really seems to be not going our way...

Ang3 said...

>Eley: Scary??! how come? U dun like mango kah? Hehe..

>Jacelyn: yea, we human needs regular reminder that He is in control eventho things is out of control in our eyes...jia you dear!

khairul said...

the sechuan lamb is halal???? now u r really testing my weighing scale!!!!


kudos on the apple crumble.. once in a while is ok ma to eat a sinful appple crumble with all the 'proper' ingredients.. auntie betul ni.. lol

Ang3 said...

>khairul: YESSSS!! the Sze Chuan lamb is HALAL!! Come come, auntie bring u eat k, the Chinese restaurant has all Halal meat, u can eat beef, chicken or lamb cooked in authentic chinese style:P

i kno it's ok to eat apple crumble once a while with proper ingredients..but not when ppl around u telling u that your face is Sooo rounded and making fun of u, right?? It's F.E.A.R my fren!

G-Wong said...

Some patients are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel... even though the light may be an oncoming train... - Mark Hamilton, Vascular Surgeon.

G-Wong said...

Btw... Haha... Reading bout your apple crumble...
Pei and I made one two weeks ago... a triple bypass apple crumble...

Ang3 said...

>G-Wong: Thankis for the sharing Prof:)
that's SUPER SCARY!!
I could imagine the amount of sugar+butter in the crumble!
watch out the waistline as well:P
but since u lost soSO much weight, u can afford that!*_*