Monday, December 01, 2008

my Designer's purpose for me..

Another good week has just's the Sunday again, and am supposed to BLOG..wheee..
oh, received a parcel from my parents last Tuesday..Have been waiting for it to arrive..and finally it came, after the awful 2 and a half months! Woohoo....happy happy happy^_^
isn't it HUGE?! 19.2kgsSee my mum's neat packing..super pro dy, she has been packing packages like this for her dear children since years ago when i brother first came. the many things for Angie:)
my Magic COLOR ink and post it pads..Ivy, i cant live without them..muakaka. Stationary in UK is way too expensive!
the BOOKs..the main purpose of sending this huge parcel!FooooD..Bak kut Teh and instant noodle:) and the Cod liver oil( dad's must take supplements:)
ya, it's a skipping rope! It has been with me since i was 13, given by my Japanese coach when i was involved in rhythmic gymnastics. Dun look down at this rope, it's BRANDED, Sasaki! And it costs around RM100+! See those sticker she put on for me b4 my final competition, i have no heart to remove it:( was those good old days when i had great fun b4 i injured myself and hav to stop dancing:( oh wells, it's gonna help me to loose some calories now.
my week started with clinical teachings in hospital, history takings and bla bla bla..nth much interesting in the hospital:)

Till Thursday, Lily n I signed up to be simulated patients for the Year 4 OSCEs exams. In the 1st station that i was allocated, scenario given was that I am having double vision, and difficulty in swallowing, then the students should be checking all 12 cranial nerves, in just 5 minutes! Wah..could see all of them super kancheong, 12 cranial nerves in just 5 mins, plus hav to do Waber's and Rinne's tests for the hearing! My goodness, IMU will only ask us to perform 2 or 3 cranial nerves in 5 mins. But here, 12 at once. Some of them couldn't finish on time and had to bear the consequences of getting lower mark, whereas those who are so well prepared, bang bang bang..easy job for them:) Then another station i went was that i have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and the students have to explain to me some drug medication called the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, explaining how this drug will make me feel better and the side effects.'s action time..ACT as though i really hv anxiety disorder. And the funniest thing was when IMU seniors came in for exams...think they hav a shocked of their lives when they saw us, and of coz we couldn't laugh but just act on. And the best part was..we'r ePAID for it. 40 pounds from 830am to 6pm, plus LUNCH n REFRESHMENTS! fast money!:P On top of that, i roughly have an idea how the OSCE are conducted here...1 thing to complain..IMU's CSU rooms are so much better lar, here right, their OSCEs are conducted in a big hall, and they divided the hall into smal small cubicals, using boards! So when the exams are going on, the students can actually hear wat the students in the next station saying...can u imagine that! No proper rooms like CSU in IMU...cacat~~
After class on Friday, we decided to head to the Manchester Christmas Market. Apparently, lots of things to see, nice deco, nice place and not to miss out, the salivating good FOOD there, and it's one of the largest market in UK. Must go see right:) Picture time.. and PLEASE forgive me for eating too much..i kno i shouldnt but it's Christmas.....the season to get FAT. ARgh....
Welcome to the Manchester Christmas Market:)


Game?!??? Pies i think:P must try one day..


CHEEsE..Thank God i dun like them..if not..FAT!

nicE Deco..selling at a super NOT CHEAP price..muakaka

See the little hut they set up..nice right?

Steph and Nutty Strudel with custard..Yum yum.

Us, infront of a talking moose. eh, this creature can sing Christmas songs kay..

Ly loving Pancakes:)

Irresistible pancakes..Banana n chocs! ATTACK!

our Lunch...The GERMAN? sausage..wah..NICEeee!

See the PIG lying there..ewwww..BUT

IT TASTED GOOOOOD! Pork Burger with Apple sauce! Heavenly yummy!

oh, then we tried this small little bun called, Macaroons.

it's made from coconut..super sweet! But quite nice, even Lily who doesn't really fancy coconut falls for it:)

the HUGE santa deco !

must go there again to try out more nicey food..:P

didnt do much over the weekends...STUDY:P

oh, Lily n i cooked dinner!

Tom yam Fried rice with Chicken fillet! (Thanks to Lily's perencah!)

LOTS of Vege

Fried Mushroom

Red Bean Soup
(:simple yet satisfying:)
the topic today was about today's sermon in church..
Really like it, knowing that we're made for a purpose.
and He is the Designer of our lives!

wasSup Doc: "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11


*jeSSicA* said...

wah eat eat eat lagi...hehehe

hahaha the bak kut teh packet, can find here in asian groceries shop =P

12 cranial nerves in 5 mins, siao eh..

ur caption so funny - 'see the pig lying there...BUT' - i was thinking why wasn't the sentence finished then i saw the next caption - 'it tasted goood' hahaha

khairul said...

mung ni.. kato oghe old.. u also need lotsa post it.. hahaha

hey eat so many instant noodle later botak macam mak jung wah lol
and pork too.. porking too much can make less malay... hahaha eh.. u chinese meh? lol

hahaha.. the skipping rope have been de-virginilized by me hahaha cant belive i used that 'thing' and video-ed it lol

Ang3 said...

>Jess: eat eat..sigh! PLEASE i wanna b anorexic but the food here is just so tempting! SAVE ME!!:P

>khairul: eh, kawe mu ni buke tuo sangat, masih mudo:P post it tu, hanyo untuk 'remind' oghe lain:P and sayo ni PURE CHiNESE! boleh make PORK!:P did u video-ed urself when u did the double skipping thing at my place the other day? OMgie..u VAIN!

ivyyy! said...

hahaha your mom reminds me of my mom. packpackpack. and yes glad you received all your stationary and post-its!!! i miss popular bookshop!!! and have fun skippin!! i brought mine here but ihaven't used it yet:p

Ang3 said...

>ivyyy: oh u brought ur skipping rope over as well?muakakka...:)i thought i'm the only one so obsessed with my skipping rope:P yup..i miss those stationary shops in Malaysia cheap..IT's so expensive even to get a notebook..sigh!

G-Wong said...


Manchester now has the PEEERFECT simulated patient for anxiety... If I get you as an anxious SP I also kan cheong seriously... Make sure you include the chest pounding actions k... That will get them going... =)

Ang3 said...

>G-Wong: WAkakakak...chest pounding actions..totally forgotten about it! cannot la, too drama dy..they all sure stress up:P