Saturday, November 29, 2008

survived..3 months:)

Angie*Blackie! (see our smiley faces!)'s officially my 3rd month in the city of Manchester!
There are periods of high and low
but God has been faithful and
His presence was so real.
the 3rd month is SUPER very DUPER important to m3.
*dun ask me why*
i myself have no idea.
have been looking forward to this day and it has finally arrived.
thank You
wasSup Doc: More updates bout my week. It has been a good one. Stay tune peeps=)
^BAXIA, Angie^
p/s: but i gained some weight within these 3 months! STRESSssss..
i need to LOOSE WEIGHT..FAST!!!


*jeSSicA* said...

it's hard to lose weight during winter my dear =P

khairul said...

3 months only nia.. wait till the 9th month... proper diet,
proper dilatation, can get big baby boy ed hahahaha

aiyo lame pulak!!! noob

Ang3 said...

>jess: indeed it is!!! winter is killing us here

>khairul: argh...kawe mu stress kat sini, mu ni, gurau gurau pulok doh..tapi, i tak mau jadi GEMOK!:P

denise said...

happy 3 months my brave angie!

im not loosing weight here either!
they bluff us! say clinicals can loose weight cis!!!! =p

eat more mash potatoes for me! *muacks*

Ang3 said...

>Denise: POTATOES is now OUT from my menu..FATTENING man..cannot lar.wait i go back next year, u guys cant recognise Angie anymore:(
and dear, u must b brave too kay! muah muah muah!

lowliying said...

i know what you mean...:( let me know if u've found a way to lose tummy's growing..

Ang3 said...

>liying:the only way is to
1)cut down on the food and
2)regular strenous exercise

p/s:i look it up from internet:P

all about commitment and determination..muakkakaka

how to achieve that larrrr???!