Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm gonna be MIA this weekend, so yea, hv to post this up b4 Sunny Sunday:)
oh wells, it's the final week b4 Christmas break and all of us were so looking for this break coz it has been an intensive 3months of hospital work. Not that i have exams, but just need a break to rejuvenate..*excuses*! Hmm, we signed up for a private pharmacy attachment this week. Quite good i would say, coz we were thoroughly taught how the drugs are dispensed here and the roles of pharmacists, plus how to treat those drug abusers. It's so different compared to the pharmacy back home. And one of the pharmacist there even said studying pharmacy is actually tougher than medicine. I personally think it's true, for all the chemistry they have to learned...phew, hard work!

There are loads of pre-Xmas celebrations this week. It kicked off with the carol service in my St Gabs hall. learned smth new though, i.e the story of Christingle. This orange is decorated with a candle in the middle which symbolises Light- Light of the world(Jesus), a RED ribbon in the middle( blood of Christ), and 4 sticks of sweets- God will watch you over 4 different seasons, and the orange..cant rmb anymore:P but i think it's smth related to Christ. Interesting yea? Never see this in Malaysia though:) Christingle

St Gabs Carol group:)

Brrr, we were asked to go out to the garden and sing 'We wish u a merry Xmas' with our Christingle...and we were freezing out there!

Deco in my hall:)

Then Wednesday night is our Hall formal dinner..oh all dinners organised, i must say, Xmas is the most grand one, maybe it's the biggest celebration for the British, i guess.

We were served red and white wine for dinner! Crackles..with small little gift:) Pop pop POP..
Lily n Angie..see the deco on the table..amazing.
:) YEA, we had wine:) Just a bit!
We were served with Turkey+cranberry sauce. This is just a small portion. Each table were given a whole tray of turkey, baked potatoes and Vege! Oiiishiii..
Dessert: Christmas pudding*_*
Nativity a comedy way..good job!
the narrator ended the play by saying, if u wanna know the ending of the story, u MUST read the book...(bible)
When the narrator mentioned the STAR, Raegan cat walked out like a star..but wat the narrator really meant was the STAR she was holding! Muakakakak!The committee organised a Murdered Mystery game after the dinner, this is the body..guess who is the murderer?! i didnt join them though, too tired:Pcheers!After dinner, we had our SS moment in my room:Panother shot
Shah is so....ganas:) but cute-nyer!

and finally, me and my new corner in my room, with loads of newly developed pics and Christmas cards:) thankies!! (ignore my rounded face:P)

There was no SF this Thurs, instead, Joanne threw a dinner at her house:) Nice and cozy, with Bak Kut Teh...yum yum YUM for this winter.

the HOST and her Christmas tree:)

my cravings..Bak Kut Teh!

and many other dishes..

Us, with our crackles..

Drank green tea after that..and see Jo has the whole set of teapot n sushi king cups! She brought all the way from Malaysia..semangat!

Ly n Jo:)

The princeS and the princesseS of our King, Jesus!

wasSup Doc: My shepherd, strong tower, my very present help in time of need..Lord HELP Me!!!

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