Monday, December 08, 2008


it's THE time to blog again...SUNDAY SHINE!!! we go:
Monday and Tuesday always started off with bedside teachings, plus some lecture here and there and PBLs...nothing really interesting happened coz i'm currently in a medical ward, compared to last time when i was in a surgical ward, in which i got to go theatre to see surgery being done. Oh, but we saw this patient who has cerebral vascular disease with diabetes. He has slurred speech and weakness at the left side..The consultant taught us to do some CNS examination and could really see the brisk reflex and wat not. It's so true that learning from a real patient helps us to remember their presentations better compared to pure memorising from text books:)

And on Thursday, i signed up for this podiatry clinic in the city. Basically, this clinic looks after patients' legs only..This clinic mainly concentrates on nail surgery on those ingrowing toenails. Collete, the person in charge was so nice...she went through the whole procedures with me, showing all the instruments used and even WROTE DOWN everything steps in black and white for me! So in the end, i have a whole stack of notes diseases of the legs:)since it's a private clinic, most of the customers are younger generation coz those older generation would prefer to go NHS for free treatment! Private wise, the consultation fee is super EX! For example, they offered a service to scrape off dead skin underneath the sole of ur leg, and help you cut your nails..this itself cost 32 pounds for half n hour service! As for the nail surgery, it's 200 pounds!! No wonder ppl would prefer to go NHS and get free treatment yea albeit the long waiting list. oh wells, i had a good time least i roughly have an idea what these podiatrist do!

the clinic i was attached to. It's called C2Feet. C2- it's becoz the 2 podiatrist are called Claire and Collete. And also, c=see, which means see 2 feet(podiatry)! Creative right?!
We had a guest this week..and he is TROY!! Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang....but poor fella, he is sick, flu n sore throat:( but still, we brought him to the Christmas Market..yea i went again:) Just love the atmosphere there...everything is so pwetty..esp the salivating FoooooD! anyway, here are some pics..
the MEN and their hot malt wine:)

Us..with the Huge Santa:)Kenneth and the Angel! *POser*!oh, we found the so called famous ice-ring just for the Christmas season! It's smaller than the one we have in Sunway larr...but TONNES of ppl were there skiing in that tiny little ring!:P

And on Sat...Christmas presentation practise...
oh, Carol Service is next Sunday! So the student fellowship has to come up with some presentation and we decided to go for a skit! Yup, Angie is on the act...and this time,i have to act as a bimbotic mother who loves party.!(Angie is a BIMBO now:P) To her, Christmas is just another occasion for her to have fun..and so, she has no time for her dearest daughter who earnestly wants her family to know about Christ Climax of the story is when the daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and died...things changed, when the family came to realisation that they're loosing this precious daughter(Angie has to cry AGAIN:'(emo)....daughter than shared that in Christ alone, her hope is found. Years passed, daughter died, transformation took place and the whole family accepted Christ! *that's roughly wat the skit is all about:)* Kinda similar to the sem 1 sketch we did in IMU yea, Denise?! oh wells, just hope the skit will touch hearts and connect to the sermon Pastor Kim is sharing, entitled 'Hope fot today' we will see..:) please keep us in prayer kay..thankies!

Lily on the action! eh, dun play play, she can sing kay..*silent night...*

bimbotic Mummy has to cry again...*dun leave me my dear:'(*

Dinner time, since Min is going back Malaysia next week, he decided to cook for us..Ayam masak merah and fried mushroom...Oiiishiii!! Thumbs up man! His cooking skill is real good! we ate until..slurp slurp slurp! Just have a look at the pics below...OMGiieee...i want to eat them now:P

Ayam masak merah..AWESOME! (He did dis from SCRATCH! no curry paste at all!)


Aunt!!! Lily is frying omelet!! U must be super proud of her right:) dun worry, she is super independent now:) 3 cheers for her yea..hip hip hooray!

the crowd:) Troy*Lily*Min*Siti*Angie!
every time i see Troy, it reminds me of my younger bro..he is so like my bro! awww..i miss Gary!
after dinner, we 'lepak' at Min's green green room!

BIGgie Thanks Min for the GREAT meal..really enjoy it!

and guess wat, it only cost 2 pounds each!

wasSup Doc: (Lesson learned this week)

No matter wat you do, it must be honouring to the Lord!



Min said...

Sweat! You make it sound like it costs you guys two pounds to lepak in my room. Haha. Kaching!!! Wonder if I should expand that business. More income...

Ang3 said...

>Min: U SHUD EXPAND MAN!!! u really shud, to earn some money:P and i mentioned the 2pounds is because for such a WONDERFUL meal, u wont get it for such a price esp when u're in Manchester! thankies Min! U're awesome!

Min said...

Aiya. I paiseh edi...

cheewoh said... tht joanne chan im seeing

Ang3 said...

>chee woh: YEA IT IS!!!!! i think it's the 2nd time u're asking me:)

zx said...

Your fren, troy REAAAALLY looks like gary XD

Ang3 said...

>zx: yea...i always tell him(troy) that too..the way he speaks also kinda similar.....hehe