Monday, December 15, 2008

in a ChristmasSy mood:)

It has been a busy week, loads of stuff to prepare. BUT, it's definitely the joyous week since my stay here:)

The week kicked off with tonnes of clinical teachings, lectures, usual:) but it's definitely good, God answered our prayers, the consultants whom we never talked to unexpectedly willingly taught us some interesting stuff and even the interviewed in the ward is a GP himself! So as we took history from him, he even taught us, like how to find the abnormal findings when we did physical examination on him. Unexpected, yet happy to learn from them! We really want to keep ourselves occupied rather than wandering around in hospital doing nothing! MRI has been famous for that, where consultants are really busy and you're supposed to self learn! Argh..loads of teachings has been cancelled without prior notice too..just because they're too busy.. Kinda fed up at times, coz we paid so much for the tuition fees and this is what i get?!??!?
Oh wells, on Wednesday, we signed up for a Tissue Viability Clinic at Salford, erm, 45 minutes by tram(woohoo, it's the first time Lily n i took the tram, super blur case ler.) Thank God for google map, we managed to find our way there:) Basically, this clinic are run by the specialist nurses, the vascular doctor comes in once a week only. These nurses do all the dressing on chronic wounds and also ulcers. It's a very specialised field i must say, but it's indeed eye opening for me cause we seldom have a chance to observe how they handle these wounds in proper ways in big hospital like MRI, esp we're now in Renal ward. Satisfied!

Christmas party by Student fellowship on Thursday! It's the final meeting for the group and so we decided to have Chinese food plus gift exchange:)clockwise: Roasted duck, prawn crakles, fried chicken, fried rice
clockwise: sweet and sour ribs, vege, egg noodle, curry chicken!
the many presents:)

this is wat i got! And the summary of this book is: Jaw dropping and hilarious, it reveals the naked truth about sex, love and relationships, and getting what you exactly want! In short, it's about how this guy managed to pull any gurls he wanted! Based on true story..huh, am gonna see the true colors of guys...! the tricks they will use on gurls.

Meet MOokiko:) it's Leonard's gift, but i LOVE it...*hint hint* anybody who spotted this thingy, please buy for Angie..coz Leonard still have no idea who gave him this present!'s Joanne Chan!

Picture time!!

my SF:)

Sunday(a.m)- The 4 musketeers(Lily, Shahira, Mayurah and Angelene) from St Gabriels decided to join Santa Run! It's a charity run to raise fund for some charity organizations. The trick here was that all of us have to run in santa suits..Everyone of us were given a set of santa suit upon registration. And we have to run one mile around the Old Trafford Stadium! We walked, we ran and we TOOK PICTURES!!!! And guess who we saw.....see the pics below:) apparently Man Utd reserve team was there too, but they're too young to be known! Nobody bothered to take pics with them..poor thing, who knows one of them will be famous once day:P oh wells....let the pics do the talking larr..
Lily*Angie*Mayurah*Shahira! the SantaS on the run..

whewwik..with our janggut:)

so MANY santaS in one place..

look who was being interviewed...we're stalking him=D

YUP, we got to take pic with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (to be honest with you, i dun even know who this fella is, saw so many busy taking pics with him, and so i kepo n went..who knows, he is the LEGEND in Man Utd)!
Angie memang blur lor, the so called 'hardcore fan'...sigh!our medal!! *not as nice as Liverpool Santa Dash*, but at least we have the Man Utd logo on it!

the goodies:) a limited edition muffler, medal, ManUtd poster, chocs and santa suit!!!

Friday and Saturday were preparation nights for the upcoming carol service on Sunday:) Theme this year was 'Jesus is our HOPE'. Student Fellowship was in charge of almost the whole celebration, from the decorations, booklets, door gifts, to the carol worship singing, drama, and also the cooking of the DINNER which consists of appetizer(Prawn salad), Main dish( Turkey or gammon with vege n potatoes), and dessert( choc cake)!!We have to prepare those. So, the day b4, we have to cut those vege, potatoes, get ready all ingredients and also practise singing those carols n skit! with the little manpower we had, we still manage everything well, by God's grace:) Yup, the event just over and i must say, it's been a great success:) Tiring, but fulfilling esp serving God in this way! With a small group of people, we can do great things when God is in it! Hip Hip hooray for God's power*_* (am sorry, not many pictures though, we all were too busy:)

Gurls in black! Waitresses...

Pastor Kim, opening his present given by the SF, youths and elders. It's a DELL computer:) Think he really needs one. :)

SF posing!

Good job guys..Hard work, but pleasing to God yea^_^

wasSup Doc: As Christmas approaches, remember the ONE king who came and give us His life, to save us from Satan's power.


hlpe said...

The next book after that is "The rules of the game". My friend introduced it to me..and u are sooo right..i was planning to read both of it and blog about it and make sure no gurls fall for stuff in the book! (its a must read for all gurls...hehehhe)

Ang3 said...'s a MUST READ book for gurls huh...heheh! ok ok, will read it ASAP..:)

khairul said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..... life's not fair!!!!!!!!!
i wan ole!!!!!! my old time fav player next to giggsy and gary neville..........
please tell me u took his autograph!!!!!
i refuse to read ur blog further until my envy subsided!!!!!!!!
i'll comment later!!!!

Ang3 said...

>khairul: i din bother to take his autograph lar..not as crazy as u are! muakakaka..but another fren of mine shook his hands and refused to wash her hands after that..muakakak.wat's so great about this man anyway:P

*jeSSicA* said...

i've been out of internet for so long that now i think that ur post is kinda long coz i'm not used to reading such long post already and so yeah i'm talking crap now LOL

looking very red, angelene =) and the freebies! great right?

i saw music notes in the photo of ur book =P

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: freebies is always GOOD:) and the music notes..hehe, are Christmas carols! :)