Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas:)

The day England STOOD cars, no peeps, shops closed, NO public transport..
coz it's CHRISTMAS
Thankies for all the wishes all around the world:)
I felt real warm to receive all these cards esp during this chilly winter season:)
They are now part of the Xmas deco for my room:)
!Merry Christmas!
wasSup Doc: Jesus is the reason for Christmas...thank YOU*_*
p/s: Pics for Xmas 2008 wil b up ASAP..*_*


G-Wong said...

Thanks for the card Angie!!

I'll scan and keep a copy of it...

Ang3 said...

>geoff: you're most welcome:P dun need scan lar..both of u going SAME place..aiyoooo:)