Saturday, August 02, 2008


::sisterly LOVE::

Stay in Seremban was good. Got to spend some time with my daddy and not to forget Shannie stayed over my place for 2 days..Woohoo. Gurls day! Wednesday was a holiday in Seremban, so she didnt have to work and we got to go one day outing at Jusco..Hehe

She arrived on Tuesday and that night itself we went for western food at this so called Hawaii restaurant. i had code fish and mussels:) Shann had Maryland chicken, dad had sirloin steak.
After dinner, we headed home and we had a DURIAN FEAST..
It's the season and dad managed to buy some good durians on his way back from Mantin.
King of the doubt about that. DURIAN ROCKS...
Wed morning, dad brought us to restaurant Min Kok for dim sum....
DIM SUM here is really nice n affordable. Ask Pei n Geoff! These two fellows can drive all the way from KL just eat this dim sum.Muahha..
Dad then dropped us at Jusco. Our main mission was to go karaoke to sing our lungs out but TOO BAD, it was already fully booked when we arrived at 11am. So we decided to go for a movie, queued up to buy tickets for Batman, bad luck, most of the tickets sold out and left some miserable seats here and there. So we decided to watch Red Cliff instead..Storyline was good, Actors- Takaeshi, Tony Leong, Lim Zi Ling were good but it ended with 'to be continued' !! have to wait for the next episode for the ending..Haih. Since we were so up for karaoke, we ended up in those arcate little small room Karaoke. Whatever it is, we managed to sing a few songs we want..muahha. Who cares about wrong keys or notes, we gurls just wanna have fun:) Then did some test our skills of shooting basketball. Craziness..not that skillful after all, cant break the record! Disappointed us. Then we lazed around in MPH..READ BOOKS!:Psee pictures of those recipe books la. Shann is a good cook. Must learn from her some skill one day. Guess her stay in US for 2 years forced her to learn to cook. Mayb when i come bak next time, i can cook very well..*fingers crossed* picked us up at 7pm..spent whole day in Jusco wasn't bad after's the company that matters. Hanging around with Shann:) no childhood friend, we grew up together... anywhere for us will do..
Went home with backache+leg pain+sleepy+satisfaction:)
We slept till 830pm and dad brought us out for dinner- Porridge! place explored.
oh, it was my very first time to try FROG...not bad larr..taste like chicken, but the meat softer. shud give a try! yummy...

Us @ the western Restaurant...

Durian Feast @ home....

Shann * Angie @ the tiny little room KARAOKE-ing..
See this gurl so serious learning how to cook so that she can cook in US when she goes back later
* me wan stay with you!!*
kung po FROG.....looked nice really taste good..not lying here..!
Shann, thanks for coming to accompany me in Seremban. Thanks for the stories shared, Thank you for being a good listener. Definitely will miss this short time we spent together esp the late night pillow talks till we doze off..Haha..We might not meet each other after you go back US and me to UK...but we'll sure keep in touch yea..come to stay with me again if you're free. U're more than welcome..Uncle Teo was so happy to have you around:)

Oh last Sun, the SUE twins visited me @ Vista...Had a good talk with them and picture taking moments...not putting them up..hehe..Lazy..but definitely must post the below pic. It's one in a million Ah Thong will post like this:P
Batmen..Angie*Ah Thong:)
Had dinner with my uncle and family :) And my cheeky cousinS, Vincent And Christopher.
When Vincent boy saw the pieces of cucumber on the dish, he just took them and put on his boy, did his facial for free. And this boy loves LOVES to eat fish eyes. Once he spots the fish, he will go for the eyes only.*gawd* Kiut kan:)
And finally, my ALL TIME HERO..DADDY!
wasSup Doc: i just wanna spend my remaining one month in Malaysia wisely..counting down the days i'm leaving is so miserable...need to prepare my heart for ManC


shannie said...

my dear Angelene... Thank you so much, seriously, THANKS a million to you and also to Uncle Teo =)
I really enjoyed myself in Seremban! Love the trip so so much.. Get to eat a LOT of good food, and of course, what's more important was I get to listen and share a LOT of stories with u girl..
I wanted to go to Seremban so much, and I made it! Yay!! =)
We will meet up AGAIN!!

Ang3 said...

>shannie: yup, we shall meet again..muahhaha!Love ya gurl..

*jeSSicA* said...

ah thong so cute la in that pic!!! wahahahaha

ur cousin is just like my sister who loves to eat fish eyes @.@ it's been so many years and i still dunno why does she like them..

i wanna go vista too la wei

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: It's not so easy to convince ah thong to take that pic k..Muahhahah. A kodak moment..YeA, u shud come vista:P

huang said...

omg. neva know thong can b this CUTE!

Ang3 said...

>huang:'s one in a million!! WAkakkakkakka... next time we can ask him to take more such pic rather than those macho pic only..*he's gonna kill me*