Friday, August 08, 2008

Meet my cousieS:D

James and Sammiejo @ KLCC

Since they were born, i never meet see them..
1st reason, they stay in London.
2nd reason, when they come visit Malaysia, i'm always not around or back in Kelantan.
just before i leave to Manchester, finally i got to meet up with them, Sammie-jo and James:)
Their mum is my dad's sis, whereas their dad is from London, uncle John

Kinda nervous to meet at first, but my worries were just too much, they are just adorable and talkative as normal kids..Hehehe..cousins right, like Angie la:)
Papa brought us for lunch @ Madam Kwan's, KLCC and then we, kiddos shopped around while the adults had their high-tea at DOME..
Sammiejo eating beehoon dumpling soup..She can use chopstick well:)
James trying out Hokkien fried noodles..
adorable CousiEs..Both of them can speak MANDARIN!! Think they took classes back in London:)
Cheeky James wearing Sammie's shoes....Hehe..

the TEOs...James*Sammiejo*Michelle*Angie
Michelle cant join us because of tuition classes:(
Sammiejo*Angie*James..See the difference? I'm not MIXed...Ouch:)
hopefully i will meet them up more often in London when i go Manchester later..
Keep in touch cousiEs^_^
wasSup Doc: Once cousin, forever cousin...Cheers..Kukukaka...

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