Thursday, August 14, 2008

*_*, cheers

Life has been kinda busy. After receiving the unconditional offer, dad n i were busy filling up the forms and preparing all the documents needed for visa application. Definitely not an easy job. Especially the embassy is kinda strict with the applications nowadays..Just pray the visa will get approved and by then i will be more relief. Oh wells, forms submitted last Tuesday, hope for the best yea..

Oh wells, Stephen stopped by KL a few days b4 heading back to Taiping from Singapore. So Randy hosted him and we went for lunch last Sunday after church service. Had a good talk over lunch and updated each other about our lives:) Hmmm..we used to have such sessions every time when Stephen comes. But that guy is kinda busy juggling between his work n studies in Singapore, so we seldom meet up now. Gosh, Stephen has lost so much weight. Guess it's because of the stress he has to endure in Singapore. Hehe.. Thinking back, we knew each other for more than 2 years dy, when we were volunteering in Doulos...we have one 'mission', that is to visit Aunt Nellie as often as we can. Hehe..that's how our friendship keeps going..That's the least we can do to make her happy, i think:)

Pic taken 2 years back..

Pic taken 2 years after..Randy* Angie* Stephen..
FERRERO Rondnoir- fine dark chocolates..pressie from Singapore by Stephen.

It's a limited edition of Fererro Roche, can only be found in Singapore..Awwww!

Thanks alot!
But I have no heart to eat it yet..can i keep them FOREVER?
Hehehe..It's so Angie!

Just yesterday, Jen Lye organised a pot bless at his place. As usual , our main chef, G-Wong prepared Roasted Chicken and potato salad..Ooolalalal. Shiok! I was there when he marinated the chicken, being a noob, i was laughing at him because the ingredients that he stuffed into the chicken were kinda weird...WHITE BREAD + milk+ a few other things.. He was there assuring me, saying: it's gonna be good, no worries, i did this so many times d..but still WHITE BREAD! What can white bread do to make it taste better? I mumbled..true enough, his products never let us down, the roasted chicken WENT uber WELL..the meat was tender, stuffing(wif bread) tasted marvellous and all of us were so blessed by his cooking...Jen cooked Petai with prawns and fried noodle, Xandra with her SushiIii, Denise brought PizzaS, Liying-watermelon, Pei with drinks and me, nuggets...How come the gurls in my gang dun really know how to cook..hai hai hai..STRESS.. There is a Chinese saying: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So gurls, buckle up..including ME:P

Chef Wong marinating the chicken..

before being roasted..See the 2 pieces of butter Geoff stuffed underneath the skin.

According to Prof Wong, they looked like 2 tumors...

The end- product...Oolallalala!

Xandie's Sushi.. cute right? I made them to pose like this..

my poor victims..back to normal:)

wasSup Doc: If you claim to have feelings that you do not have, that is hypocritical...But if you express an act of love that is designed for the other person's benefit or pleasure, it is simply a choice...=)


*jeSSicA* said...

ferrero rondnoir? looks yummy....i want =P

first time i heard ppl stuff chicken with white bread hehe. petai with prawns! i miss that!

angelene u should start to learn cooking anytime sooooooooonn (i know i've said this many times, but still...)

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: i haven't start eating yet..muakakak. i kno i hav to learn to cook..and guess wat, i think God knows i dun hav the time to learn yet, so He placed me in tha hall that is catered:P so i wont hv to preparemy meals there..Hahhah. mayb next time then. but fear not i SURE will learn, if not, i wont get a hubby..Haih..