Saturday, July 26, 2008

makan...tak habis!

yup, i'm back in KL-Seremban for good...
10 days in Kelantan was good. Accompanied my dearest mum most of the time:)
the only word to describe my stay there is "BUSY"!!!
woke up 7.30am every working morning. Followed my mum to hospital and office. Then will only come home around 5pm...LONG day huh:) then both of us will watch TV til late night, then sama-sama sleep..Precious mum and daughter moments*_*
Did my vaccination, blood tests, chest x-rays, dental appointments, back check up, bla bla bla.
Oh, just received my conditional offer last last Thursday in Kb. Luckily mum was around to help me. British forms are so complicated! Went to Kelantan court for the very 1st time in my life to fill up the declaration form for letter of good conduct. Uber easy procedure. JUST HAVE TO PAY them RM 4 for a signature:P

Thank God i did all these in Kelantan. If not it would take me ages to fill up these forms n sent them back to ManC..COZ public transport in KL is terrible and i'm NOT familiar with the places there though i stay in KL for almost 4 years d:P Blur Angie la...

Got to eat all the food i want in KB toO. Mum has been feeding me like a pig since i touched the land of KB. all my favourite..PLUS POINT staying at home, mum make sure i have fruits to eat everyday: Rambutans, dragon fruit, bananas, mangosteens, jambu air..Hahaha.

Having a mum as a nurse makes ur diet healthier^_^
Argh, was just discussing with Geoff the other day about how we're gonna miss Malaysian food once we leave:P So now we must eat all we can..Muahahaha. Thinking of those fattening potatoes in UK....uwek...*Denise gonna kill me for saying this* i shud learn how to cook..ya i shud...ya i will...later laaaa.

Bubur jagung, my FAVOURITE dessert in KB:):)

Nasi Kerabu a.k.a cowjump(in thai) ALL TIME favourite!! Ate almost 5 times when i went home..cant resist it.healthy food with lots of VEGE..

buah's a type of younger bro n me used to eat the whole packet ourselves..:)

Angie*Eunice...Ex Imu-nian^_^ it has been quite some time since i met her. Great seeing you and your gang serving faithfully in church n in CF(USM). sI believe God has great plan for you ahead:) Keep shining ya

jia you gurl!! ::Syn & Angie::
Thanks for the lunch date..hehe. guess it was our very few dates that we went together..hehe.but really appreciate all the sharing n time despite ur busy work^_^hugGies

Thong*Miao*Syn*Angie @ PCB!

ah Thong & my specially made 'ubi kayu'*_*

[sorry i DUNNO how to cook nasi kunyit:P ubi kayu good enuff lar]

[mummy n Angie]

Gonna miss her voice, miss her touch, miss her smell, miss her cookings, miss her hugs n kisses:)

my greatest friend and all-time u lots MUM!!

oh i found out smth btw my mum n cute lar..mum worked in Kel, dad in Seremban. Both working in the afternoon. So they cant talk on the phone. HOW??? they USE


my high tech papa and mama...LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP huh!!:)

selamat tinggal Budok Kelate..the leng zhai MUSsy:)

find a hot chick in Canada ya..LET Mummy Angie KNOW:P

wasSup Doc: my stay in Kelantan makes me FAT...but i like:)

p/s: i'm now in Seremban with dad..another food paradise:P


*jeSSicA* said...

ahhh pcb!

and food....gosh, make sure u enjoy malaysian food cukup cukup i tell u before u fly =P

yala learn how to cook la so u wont need to eat potatoes!

awww ur parents so sweet and hi-tech can use msn hehe

Anonymous said...

gawd, 'cowjump' sucks big time man. but it's totally understood that why you like it 'cause it's sold in every corner at wakaf. i'd prefer nasi dagang lah..

by the way, you dont have to eat potato everyday in UK. Rice is easily available, easy to cook as well. but the what really matters are healthy nutrition/diets. just dont take fish & chips everyday. lol

have fun!


Ang3 said...

>Jessica: YEAP PCB..but we never go there together b4, though it's so near your house:(

>simply_black: totally AGREE..nasi dagang is AWESOME toO:) healthy nutrition and diet..i will remember that:)