Monday, August 25, 2008

my CONVO:)

IMU convocation 2008 was held last Saturday. Though we're just the itsy bitsy batch graduating from Phase 1 medical programme, out of 167 from my batch, 55+ students attended this convo.. SS-ness ...We just want to experience the feeling of becoming a 50% doctor..Bwahahha. For those who missed it..Too bad..WE HAD LOTS OF FUN!
Stage setting @ Sheraton Hotel. The carpets were uneven and we were required to pause and bow 3 times on the stage..Thank God i didn't fall because I wore heels. If not, it will be another joke of the year..
Roses from my parents:)Angie relieved...
Hon Keong* Wei Liang* Angie..The bouquet of sunflowers is so NiceeE. Daddy wanted to get me that, but too bad, all sunflowers were sold out..Muakaka, I'm not the only sunflower lover:)
Wennie* Raymond* Angie*William*Chester*Krishna*Angie
*Witches from M106* Fooling around with our robes..sorry lah, we're so jakun:P the so called BSB of M106..SS-nyer!
The men
The women
*Ching Li* Angie* Jeremy
*Angie*Hui Ying*
Pei*Geoff*Angie....We finally made it! Yay..
to my other fellow chickens who didnt come--PARTY POOPERs larrr..
told ya, we're the happening chickens!
Angie with Mom & Daddy
Angie* Lingwei(same as my sis' name:)
Dr. Achike and me! One of my fav lecturer..
His famous quote: When you see a lion....
Love them to the MAX!
my supportive sponsors:)
That bouquet of roses is for M3
My beloved photographer..He didnt manage to take many pics though..only those with better quality were taken by his SLR, others were taken by myself using my Ixus 60:(
Shud have forced him to follow me around...
Me, beaming with joy:)
I finally finished my 2.5 years in IMU Bukit Jalil.
It's definitely not easy, hours of study, months of stress and years of perseverance.
I'm already a 50% doctor...Hehehe
M106, we finally made it!
wasSup doc: *fingers crossed* my next convo will be in Manchester!
The day will come, it's another challenge but Angie is prepared! Come on...
2 more days b4 i leave this lovely Malaysia
current feelings: Excited+ EMO EMO EMO+ Happy!


khairul said...

waaaaaa the convo looks so nice from ur pix.. sure u didnt photoshop ka? hahaha
of coz it's fun for u... cam whore!! can take lotsa ss pix hahaha... unlike the rest of the population, convo is the time to catch up on sleep during the log speeches and the long lines before u got urs hahaha
cheers good that u enoyed it hahaha

Ang3 said...

>kahirul: eh, i always look nicEEee:P:P
u were once a party pooper too, dun wanna go convo! the speeches weren't that long, and u kno wat, we were given privilege to go up on stage b4 those graduated yea! It's real fun!

huang said...

safe trip darling

Ang3 said...

>huang: Thank U gurlie...Hugs:)

G-Wong said...

you're like a walking sunflower... the bouquet in the pic pales in comparison...

You ar, appear online more often okay now that we're not gonna see you around for sometime like wannie and mus...

*jeSSicA* said...

finally! =)

i saw those photos from facebook first before i read ur

i like the last pic (which u put as ur profile pic in friendster and facebook) =D

Ang3 said...

>G-wong: 'i'm a walking sunflower..' i love that statement:) i'll APPEAR ONLINE more often.muakkakak. if only my connection here works:(

>Jessica: Yup, most pics are in my blog:) nice-kan:) Cheers!