Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Since i didnt manage to get any nice shoe & Denise didnt get her flat shoe that day at Ikano. We decided to go for a shoe hunt after class..But at the same time, both of us were craving for Ramadhan food..SO, we decided to ask Geoff and Crz to bring us to the Bangsar Bazaar to fulfill our cravings:) Luckily class finished early yesterday and we arrived there on time and still manage to get some nice food. BUT no more super CHEAP 'sotong goreng':(:( Anyway, after buying the food, we headed to Geoff's apartment and had a pool side dinner:)we makan-ed Ikan Pari bakar, nasi beriani, roti jala+curry, otak-otak, kuih muka and kuih pelita..Yum yum..*i was expecting more ppl to join us coz this would be the LAST ramadhan feast in IMU:(*

After 'breaking fast', Crz drove Denise & me to Midvalley and we started our Shoe Hunt! Of coz the first shop we zoomed to was Vincci(Stylish+nice+Affordable esp during sale). Actually b4 we went, Denise wanted a peach colored flat shoe but there were no stock in Ikano. So she decided to try her luck in Midvalley..Poor thing, the last pair left was a GREEN one.*Denise's heart sank 1st time* Lucky for me this time, i found a pair of 50% off heels. Since my old one was in bad shape d, immediately i grab hold of it..hahaha

My new Golden Heels:)

2nd shop we went-Vid & Vad. We walked in, hoping to get a pair of nice flat shoe for Denise. Yup, she spotted one, WHITE + Comfy formal FLAT shoe. We called the promoter and asked her to get the appropriate shoe size.5 mins passed, she came out "sorry, this is the last pair...the size u wanted is no longer available!" After hearing this, *Denise's heart sank 2nd time*

Nvm, we're still on our mission to find one. Our next destination-Escarli. Again, she found a nice white slightly high heels shoe. This looked super perfect coz it's not very very flat. If she wore it with a dress..PERFECT!UNFORTUNATELY,NO LUCK, same thing happened, the displayed shoe was the Last and only pair left. And the color was yellowish d....ARGH, *Denise's heart sank 3rd time*Poor little thing....However we didnt give up yet, we went Primavera for a final try..nice shoes, NICER price! *Denise's heart sank 4th time*

Denise & me(1st pic taken in Lt2)-Those were the days:)

We looked so different....we were so young!!

So she ended up empty handed*Denise's heart sank 5th time*....but we had some improvement. THIS WAS OUR VERY 1st TIME GOING SHOPPING ON SCHOLL DAYS AND CAME BACK BY KTM at night!!!!Let's go again next time, dear:)It has been great hunting shoes with u:)

wasSup Doc:We dun have HELL A LOT OF MONEY TO SHOP, we know the WAYS to shop without spending HELL A LOT OF MONEY!Right girls???please say 'yes',girls!


sweet & sour said...

post la pics.............. of ur new heels.........
No pics no fun!

crz said...

haha.. but if dun have hell lot of money to spend, ur heart will be like a submarine, sinking deeper n deeper everytime..

Ang3 said...

>sweet & sour: Yup yup will post the pics later..sorry, my bro is having my camera..patience pwease:)

>crz: we will go for cheaper stuff...and make sure our hearts are still floating..Muahahha

Jens said...

wah lau... go ramadhan din call ar... i want to go...:( ahaha....

k-r-i-n-g k-r-i-n-g me next time... ahaha...=)

sweet & sour said...

New heels so cantikkk=)

Ang3 said...

>Jens: We didnt call u?We were announcing in the class la..maybe u went LIBO-ing d...Hahaha.Too bad, no more next time..This is going to be the last time we're celebrating Hari Raya in IMU,BJ!

>sweet & sour: Thanks's nice + got 50% off...quite worth the money loo:)

*jeSSicA* said...

here dun have ramadhan food =(