Thursday, October 25, 2007

M106 CeLL-by faith we GREW:)

Last week cell was really good. We talked bout faith based on the book of Hebrew chapter 11- by FAITH! Usually the message time we'll share our inner thoughts or opinions. So to make cell more interesting, Li Jun decided to do something EXTRAORDINARY!! After a short sharing of testimonies, we did something kiddy>Handicrafts!! Our cell turn into a Sunday School with 'big babies' drawing, cutting and pasting crepe papers. It was really a funny and cute moment:) Seeing small children drawing and coloring always bring excitements to me, what else seeing these big 'children' in my cell doing it, lagi syok!! Crz*Jeremy*Geoffrey-Can u imagine these 3 guys doing crafts..Muahahha!
Lieo Jiun patiently pasting his crepe papers!!Denise + Ze Wei...Girls looked more pro!
Finally, wind chimes FORMED! *Valene and Troy*
Handicraft of the day: Wind Chimes
After discussing Hebrew 11, my cellies were asked to draw out what they see in the word-FAITH on a piece of colored paper. Then they are supposed to paste crepe paper at the bottom of the artwork and roll it into a hollow tubes. So when the wind blow, you can see the crepe paper flying.
Reasons making this: we cant see God, but we see evidence of Him all around us. It's like the wind. We cant see the wind, but we can see the evidence of it when we see leaves blow ans when we feel a breeze:) That's what faith is all about!
Honestly, my group of cellies are really creative people! I'll show you some pics of their great works!!*Impressive*
Lieo Jiun with his Armor of God
Prof Wong with his Noah's Ark! Do u see the BLUE colored crepe paper? According to Prof Wong, it represents the rain which cause the flood! Isn't he creative?Logic kan..
Denise's wind chimes... EXPLAIN the isi tersirat pwease!
Pei made her windchimes in 10 mins during lecture! And being a genius, she used the crepe paper and created a 'pony tail' for all of us by sticking at our backs without us realising it!Smart!!
We celebrated Wennie's 20th birthday in cell too:)
It's really amazing how i got to know this pretty gurl. We studied SAM in the same college BUT we never meet each other. Then God put us in the same batch in IMU BUT still we never talk to each other for the whole SEM 1(6 months). So when we officially become friends? When both of us happened to volunteer in Doulos for that particular 2 weeks. That was when i got to know her better and became good friends:) God's plan is always unpredictable...
So as a cell, we are really grateful to have you as part of the cell. We prayed that God will continue to pour His blessings upon you, my dear. May you continue to walk closely with Him and acknowledge Him in everything you do. I believe He has great plans for you. Have FAITH gurl:) and keep up your sunshine SMILE:):)

wasSup Doc: My windsock..Every morning when i wake up and open my eyes, i'll see it blowing in the wind, remembering that eventhough i cant see God, i know He is real:)


pei said...

OOooo...i like the purple lantern....wennie's...can i make a new one mommy??

*jeSSicA* said...

instead of seeing the wind chime, i saw the air cond in the last pic... =P

it's still cold here!!! =.=||

Ang3 said...

>Pei: Of coz can my dear. I'll bring the materials for u and DUN do it in class again coz ur itchy hands will start bullying ppl around..Haih..

>Jess: *sweat*!!!