Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Recently i received a few gifts which i didnt expect at all..It's not yet Christmas, It's not my birthday and so there is no reason for anyone to give me pressies...But somehow, these gifts just made my day:)

See this?It's a handmade tissue paper cover..guess who made it for me??-Charrisa!
She is my Sunday School student who is only 11 years old. And she knows how to sew her own skirt, make her own belt, bracelets, necklace and so on...Impressive right??
Shame on me who dont even know how to sew....*sigh*

This magnet is from Michelle Liew, all the way from Sydney!! She came back for 2 weeks holidays during July but due to some circumstances we didnt manage to meet up...I just got it few days ago from Wilfred. The design is really cool coz it's the shape of the whole Australia:)+ Sydney Opera House..Welcome to my family, Aussie!!

Another family member from Island of Paradise!! It's from my dear koko who went Bali for his company trip! Welcome home, Bali!!

My Koko bought this LV-like handbag from Bali:)It's made of bamboo...cute-nyer!Anyway, it's a gift from my bro. Eventhough he went so far for holidays, he still remember his dear sis,staying ALONE at home..Haha!!Thanks Bro!

Honestly, who on earth wont be happy if u received gifts from others??I'm sure all of us will be beaming with joy when somebody buy u gifts out of a sudden. It's just human nature to react that way......

However, there is this gift that will bring u greater joy, and it is the best gift one can give, far better than the earthly things... that is the free gift from God! The gift of freedom....*_*U just have to believe in Him and He'll give u the best:) Rmb, HE LOVES U & M3..

wasSup Doc: For the wages of sin is death, but the FREE GIFT of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord - Romans 6:23


PINK day in IMU

Another reminder, TRY to wear PINK this month! It's Breast Cancer Awareness month.... Please show some support la. These are a few excuses i heard when i asked the guys to wear pink:

1)I dun have breast!??*Are u sure?!!*
2)PINK color is gay...*it's NOT NOT NOT gay la, it's a unisex color!!*
3)I'm too fair, cannot wear PINK! *What theory is that?*


Sis said...

Koko is sosoSO unfaiRR!!!
I WANT the funny looking bamboo bag too!!!
Anyway I bought some magnets for u when i went London last week.
See even I'm so bz, I never forget u=P

Ang3 said...

>sis: Yup,i agree!that bag has a funny look..but our dear koko said it's LV's design.Anyway, it's the heart that matters.We can share share when u come back:)
n thanks for rmbering me though u're so FAR FAR FAR away + ur crazy BAR buziness!Love ya..Muacks!n now i hav to welcome London to my family!!:)Yay..

pei said...

why li jun look so pissed wan?? LOL

simply_BLACK said...

quoted from you blog:
'2)PINK color is gay...*it's NOT NOT NOT gay la, it's a unisex color!!*'

pink is indeed G.H.E.Y.


Jens said...

pink rox!!! ahaha... i've got a pink bottle!!!=P

it ain't G.H.E.Y.

pink is the new blue!=) cuz jen lye says so! ahaha...

super ss..

Ang3 said...

>Pei:Yeahor, she looked pissed!!Mayb she is trying to say 'wear PINK peeps!!'..Muahhahhaa

>simply_black:olor...janganla!Pink is really cool!!

>Jens: i crowned u SS KING!!!

*jeSSicA* said...

haha...i have a guy fren here who wears pink!!

why say pink is gay? pink is nice wat. it gives life, though not as hot as red!

by the way, u can welcome 'melbourne' to ur family of magnets when i get back to m'sia. =)

Ang3 said...

>Jess: Totally agree with u la..Pink gives life..Muahahha.And cant wait to see 'melbourne'...Thanks thanks my dear..