Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I'm back after MIA for 5 days!!
Just came back from POT's(Professionals of Tommorow) organised by Fellowship of Evangelical Students(FES). It was really an encouraging and powerful camp.*i'll talk bout it in next post k*

Reached home at around 5pm yesterday and was surprised by wat my dear MOMMY had done. She put on my new comforter cover and arranged my soft toys so nicely when i was in the conference..Aww, my bed is so pink now!^Lurve it so much!!^ now i can doze off easily at night^_^ Thanks mommy and really sorry for not spending time with u. I promise to go gai gai with u when u come down next time k:) Muacks!!

Then i went out for dinner with Wei Lin, Jeremy, Suzanne and Linda at Fusion ??(dunno wat is the name) in Sri Petaling..Food there was nice but the most outstanding dish is the desert-Tiny choco bun + ice-cream. Yummy!

Jeremy*Angie*Linda*Wei Lin*Suzanne

Then my dear WeiLin started to talk about this personality test so called Jung Typology. And so after dinner, they headed to my place and all of us started doing this test. Apparently the results of this test really explain your personality. So true that can freak u out. If u're interested, click here..Then at the end of the test, u'll get a four alphabets combination. Just google it.Eg:EFSJ personality. Then read up your personality. If u still wanna know more, talk to WeiLin, she'll tell u more!!Muahahha..No harm giving a try right?

Heading off to Seremban this evening. Wish me safe journey:) Can't wait to manja-manja with my daddy there:):)

wasSup Doc: Kid will grow up one day, but remember to keep your heart young(",)

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Jens said...

oh wow...

the personality test i mean.. kinda true... ahaha... ENFJ...

first i tot what was that till i scroll down and see that got description given...

see ya around and happy hols...=)