Thursday, October 18, 2007

Professionals of Tomorrow(POT's)

Health Carers of Tomorrow
As promised, i'm gonna blog about the 5 days 4 nights conference i went during Raya break..a very good conference i would say...
It's organised by the FES and it was held at Peacehaven, Genting...There were around 250 participants coming from 3 different fields(Law, Education and Health care) and with 1 vision, ie. to hear God's calling and to serve the LORD our God!!
Li Jun, Jeremy and me went on the earlier bus. So 3 of us arrived Peacehaven @ 12.30pm whereas the other IMU campers arrived at 1.30pm. After registration, we had briefing, ice-breakers from different fields and followed by the opening ceremony of the camp. Our 1st day ended after meeting our small group members. The IMU-nians!!
We had to wake up as early as 6.30am for the following days. The very first events for each day was 'time alone with God'. After 30 mins of quiet time, we came together in small groups of 7 and shared about a particular question prepared. I enjoy this session very much because i'm very encouraged by the testimonies and miracles God has done in our lives personally. Fortunately, my group members are very open and were more than willing to speak up what they think. My small group-Joanne,Siew Leng, Adelene, Cheryl, Angie, Jemrin and Jun Jet!
Adai-adai Rox!!!Btw, Adai-Adai is the name of a dance in Sabah!!Thanks for your inner sharing guys:)

The nest session would be 'Summary and News'. The most interesting part!!Ok, basically this is the time when our coordinator,Kim Cheng will announced what had happened the previous day. Formal + Informal news! For instance, the first day we had not enough food, so she told us there were people going table to table begging for food and they were tiny size girls! Another funny incidence was when a guy from UKMKL BEGGED their seniors who was on their way up to bring FOOD due to the great shortage of food up here. So Kim Cheng announced it and asked a Rep to come on stage to claim the Milky Choc!Super hilarious! Nice pictures were shown on the screen everday during this session and if u're lucky u might be in the story for the news as well. So far, Li Jun topped the news for 3 days consecutively!Wahahhaha.....PoPuLaR d!! One of the news was 'Trying to take back barang bukan Kepunyaannya'.
Shhhhh, Li Jun trying to take smth home again. 1st the 'i' light and now the dear cell leader!!This was one of the news she made!

The MANly game that made Li Jun Topped the news again!

Jun Jet(Guy in BLUE) was the Superstar who went on stage and claimed the Milky Choc!!Sharing is Caring ma:):)

Then we had worship session followed by theme talk which is 'Bible Expositions on Nehemiah' by Bishop Hwa Yung. He talked about the personality of Nehemiah, who gave up his comfy job as the King's cupbearer and decided to go back Jerusalem to rebuild the broken wall despite all the oppositions he faced. He was very inspiring because as he spoke, you could feel the Uuhm from him. His speech was strong and kinda stern, encouraging us to take up the challenge and follow the steps taken by Nehemiah. The courageous step of coming out from our comfort zone and serve the Lord though we faced lots of oppositions from different areas. M106 Representatives!!We're missing in action!!
After lunch, we had MIA(Missing in Action) which gave us a chance to come face to face with issues as a Malaysian. 1st day we had Missing gRACE- Talking bout the injustice faced by the Races other than Malays. Participants are encouraged to speak up about the thoughts or experiences encountered. 2nd day we had Missing Voice- It's about we Malaysian are reluctant to speak up. We just keep quiet and let the injustice continue. As we walked into the hall, we were asked to fill in forms and vote. Something like role play of what is happening in Malaysia, the way voting is done, the long queue, the rude staffs and so on. Quite dramatic but it's all the truth! 3rd day was Missing Presence- statistics shown the increasing number of broken families in Malaysia. Most of them are due to the parents who are so occupied with their work and abandoned their children at home.

Missing Presence--U can make a different!

Dr Richard Loh who came all the way from Penang to give a talk.

We then had workshops. Eg: Communicating with people at worksplace, coping as a student, alternative careers- Academia and government service, social issues and concerns. It's something like a talk actually with speakers from different fields. After that, we had games! The games were very interesting. They were very creative. for instance, we played 3 legged futsal, ping pong soft ball and dodge ball!! And at night we had plenary,conducted in 3 different professionals tracks but similar focus covering vision & calling, ethnics in our professions and staying the course amidst the challenges!!

Ping pong soft ball!!

That'a about what we did for the past 5 days. Everyday was a very challenging day on how God has spoken personally to me. They emphasized on God's calling for everyone of us. We were taught to understand and obey God's heart and mind for our lives and for the world we are called to serve.

In this present time, we, the young generations are so reluctant to work for the government. Excuses like the pay is low, we are rated as second class, we will be bullied due to our skin color etc. I myself have this kind of thought and since i stepped into IMU i have decided to go overse and finish my degree and of coz work there if possible. But after this conference, i realised Malaysia is my home, a country that needs me to come back, to serve the needy people here, a country which can be my mission field and ultimately bring glory to God. It seems too far fetch but this matter struck me quite deeply. Though i cant commit myself now but i told God, if He wants me to come back and serve, i dont mind..I'll surrender so His will be done instead of mine:) Dr David G(one of our speaker) once said 'We dont become rich intentionally, we become rich incidentally'

Kelantan representatives-Angie & Sze Yin(my senior in Chung Hwa).God is great. We never talk to each other during our school days but we know each other looks familiar and were from the same school!

We're HOT!!!

View of Fireworks from our dorms. 1st day of Raya....Fantastic!!

See the 'i' Li Jun is hugging?She wanted to take that home BADLY!Everybody in the camp knew that! While Wei Lin and me, passing the baton!!Run for God, people!!

my BUZZ group- all are doctors-to-be..
sitting-Hui Chin(sem 10), Beng Siong(sem6), Joyce(sem6), Erin(sem8)
standing-Chee Won(sem1), Angie(sem4), Wai Ying(sem1)

HOT in POTs!!!(Health Carers of Tomorrow becoming professionals!!)

Kim Cheng, The woman with the MOST power, so called the only woman with a tag of 3 colors!!!She graduated as a dentist, but she decided to go full time for God after 8 years working. A very loving and friendly person. She can relate to the youths very well and i really feel so comfortable talking with her. A woman with great faith:)

Sarah + Li Jun + Angie, posing in front of the graffiti wall!
Angelene and Grace!!(She is a Korean and she is studying in IMU-sem 1 medic) I didnt know that till i met her here in the conference.

Girls from dorm D4-1*_*

We're the professionals of tomorrow!!(IMU rox)!
i Met this cute little girl in the conference..She's so cute and very outspoken eventhough she is just 3 yrs old..Awww,i wanna be a mommy d!!

Bye bye POT's...

Christ in Malaysia*_*

wasSup Doc: The absence is too obvious, the silence is too loud! The Lord of the nations, is the Lord of every place, every people, every tongue and every tribe. What is God's call for you, as a generation? Think about it...

He gave us light unto our feet NOT a crystal ball to our future..


denise said...

You met Dr.Richard Loh!
You met Dr.Richard Loh!
You met Dr.Richard Loh!

i am so NOT jealous =p

Jens said...

richard loh is the best!

ahaha.. wasted he went PMC redi.. if not he's super duper cute man!


lynnx01 said...

That Jun Jet is studying (or studied) something like Radiology (?!?) in UKM? And he's from Perak?

Ang3 said...

>Denise: I was reallyx100 super duper excited when i realised he came to talk!Aww..he is just too nice.~~

>Jen: Yea, wasted man.He is now in PMC..So sad, no more Mr Nice guy in IMU:(

>Lynnx01: Yup, he is still studying radiology(3rd yr) in HUKMKL..n YES he is from Menglembu, u kno him??the world is super small:):)

sarah said...

Hi..don't mind if I link this? :)

Ang3 said...

>Sarah:ya of coz...u can link this:)i'm fine with it:):)

fun fun ^_^ said...

WoW!! You guys had great time there!!

Saw SW's comment on ZY's blog asking her to check out your post, and I was wondering what's up... Then I saw the link on Sarah's post on our cg blog... Hahaha... Was meant to read this post...

And it's a great blessing to have read ur post!!

Btw, there's a sem 1 guy named Chun Yen in the first pic... He was in my orientation group.. haha..

Ang3 said...

>Pui Fun: Yup, we really had a great time's juz my thought on how God has worked in me when i was there. :)

Alex Tang said...

Hi ang3,

Thank you for your sharing with iPOTs 2007. It seems you have had a good time and have some valuable lessons to share.