Tuesday, October 23, 2007

RAYA break

Being a CRAB LOVER, i was craving for CRAB when i balik kampung to Seremban last week. Thanks to JEN LYE and DENISE and CHRIS for spamming my chatbox with CRAB CRAB CRAB when i was MIA.. So before i come back to this foodLESS vista, i bugged my dad to bring me for a crab feast @ Uncle Fatty Cafe!!We were super lucky to get 1kg of crab for only RM20..They were having some promotion i think..Hahahhah!! Cravings fulfilled!! Yay..

my Tired looking Papa after work.....

BBQ Crab! If my sis were around, we can easily tapao 2kg of them coz we are CRAB LOVERS! Really miss the time we used to have crab feast together in KB...Guess that now u dun have any chance to eat crab in UK right? So, faster come back la....Even my younger bro who DOESN"T fancy crab since young cant resist the temptations of the BBQ crab..Good job Gary!! U better eat as much as you can before you leave Malaysia to US!!

I'm forever daddy's gurl.....and i'm proud of that!!

1 conclusion made: NO eating crabs with FRIENDS esp your BF or GF or even normal FRIENDS. You know why? Coz eating crabs require you to suck the meat from the shells, licking your fingers and so on..U can imagine that i supposed! So it'll be a disaster and your image will be totally ruined!!In short, sorry la JenLye, guess that we wont have a chance for CRAB feast d..Mayb HOHO steamboat again...our favourite kan?


Phing Phing's 21St!!

Phing and Snowy the white monkey who hates m3:(

Happy Birthday Phing! This charming gurl turned 21 on the 23rd of Nov.Thanks to this pretty gurl, we got a chance to go Sunway Lagoon Water Theme Park and had a whale of time together as M106 enjoying all the water rides!! We screamed and splashed ourselves into the pool. It was a hardcore day with fun and excitement..A huge thank you to Phing for the great party in the same time release our stress!!Haha.. May you have a blessed year ahead and keep your sunshine smile ALWAYS!!*Big Big Big HUG for you!!*

And thanks to some Lebanons who were having treasure hunt there that we managed to sneak into the zoo for FREE!(normal price is RM 20 per head)Wanna know why?In order to get the next clue, these Lebanons needed some outsiders to help them finish their task(which is to kiss the snake..!Yucks, but stil fine),so we were 'invited' to go into the zoo indirectly..Hahah.So after completing the task, we happy jolly continue to explore the Sunway Wildlife Interactive Zoo...one word>FANTASTIC!!It has been a long LONG long time i never visited a Zoo:)

Parrot cycling...Fuyoh!!

Practise RECYCLE!! Even raccoon practising it..sigh!

Jen & Jeremy playing 'chi ku pak' with the monkeys??!!

Ange * Li Jun with the blotched blue-tongued lizard:)

Pei kena attacked by Snowy the naughty monkey!!*Pei looked really stress..poor thing*

NOT FAIR..how come Snowy likes Jeremy only??!!u know y?Coz Snowy is a female monkey!!That's why she hateS GIRLS!!AIyoyoyoo....

We need to teach this naughty, sexist Snowy a lesson!!*Li Jun dun pity this little evil creature!*

wasSup Doc: Animals are always Man's best friends.....Oh God is just great!!I love animals!!


Jens said...


crab is d best! ahaha... i used to be able to eat 2 kg of crab all by my own...

i wonder whether i still can or not.. ahaha... crab makan ramai ramai baru syok la... all smeared around the mouth like never tasted crabs before...

crabs is the best! esp salted egg crabs.. crz seconds it... ahaha...=) i think when i retire i wanna open a crabby rest la... name it er... rest wan-derful crab land!=P

hot & spicy said...

yerrrrrrrrrrrrr, the iguana so disgusting, u dare to hold it??? hows like? wanna pet him?

Ang3 said...

>Jens: Ya u shud open a crab restaurant so next time we go can hav FOC crab...U better rmb ur WAN-derful crab land..Hahah!

>hot & spicy: Iguana looks disgustin but it's not as yucky as u think. to be honest with u, i was really scared to hold it, but actually it wont simply move when u hold it nicely..kinda tame. but NO i wont wanna pet it..hehe!