Thursday, May 17, 2007

Things that make me :)

Ever thought of wat makes u smile from the bottom of heart?
Hmmm, there are quite ALOT of reasons that can make me :))))))
1)When we(Denise, Pei, Xan, Jen, G-Wong, Crz, Hwei1) decided to go McD for lunch
2)When ADELENE(my sis) calls from UK
3)When SEE EUGENE throws a pillow on my head
4)When LIOW EE LEEN ties up her hair
5)When IVY ANG wears a skirt
6)When playing and chatting with SEE SUE ANN
7)When Pei talks bout her favourite Calvin
8)When Sarah NG gives me a biggie hug
9)When Denise put on an innocent+cute+blur face
10)When MUMMY/DADDY call me
11)When DARREN(my bro) brings me out for dinner
12)When HWEI WAN be my post-woman:)
13)When G-WONG tells a super duper lame joke
14)When JESSICA sends me a msg
15)When XANDRA gives me present(Lecture notes)
16)When JENLYE acts like Jay Chou
18)When readin CRZ's blog(BEST!)
19)When EDWINA says i can squeeze my stress out while hugging her
20)When SHARON updates her blog bout the happenings in KB
21)When Joanne gives me valuable exam tips n encouragements!
22)When AUNTY ANN brings me out 'gai gai'
23)When children coming to me and call me "Teacher"
24)When my friends call me 'AUNTY'
25)When JESUS said 'HE LOVES ME' :)
wasSup doc : a SMILE from U is wat i need to enlighten my days:)


yr_sis* said...

I tried to call u (ur time 1+pm)but i guess u were in class.

Call u soon aits!
So sweet lah this post :) =)

pei said...

ahahhaa..CALVIN?!?!?! i think i mes haf really syioked sendiri a LOT...:P

ivyyy! said...

haha. really?! so funny lar you. :p eh. so when i wear pants everyday how? :p hee. ok ok i'll wear skirt more. :)

crz said...

i like dis post!!!
u noe wat makes me smile??

clue : it starts wit N and ends wit G!!!


Ang3 said...

>Sis: i kno u tried to call me, but i always dun notice it coz i put my phone in silent mode...soweE.Try to call me at night, pwease!!

>Pei: it's super farny everytime u talked bout this Calvin guy-short but good looking, kind-hearted n so on..ur face will always shine when his name is mentioned!Muahaha

>ivyyy!: Aiyo, watever u wear, i'll still be very happy my dear..Just wanna let u kno that u look good in skirt!Hehe

>Crz: i hope i got this rite n not SSing myself!Muahaha :)

Jens said...



s@rah said...

you are soooo sweet! hehe i will bear hug you more then :D now i feel inspired by you to create a post like this too :)

Ang3 said...

>Jen: Jay Chou is in the house:)))

>s@rah: *huggiEs*

*jeSSicA* said...

haha, i din realise this till i read ur blog juz now, and i was telling u how we seldom sms each other...haha..
well, since that will make u smile, i will send u msgs now and then!
and make sure u reply..dun let my msg go down to the drain =P
btw, ur msgs make me smile too! i keep them u know?

shaz said...

things that make me smile ALSO includes when i see your faith in God is so strong & firm. and ESPECIALLY when my name appear in ur bloggie hahahaha :) so sweet of youuu. thank you darling! HUGS

eeleen said...

muahahahahahaha!!!!!! ANGELENE TEO!!! :D reading ur blog makes me laugh la! :P time i'll tie up my hair when i see you :P (that's if i hav a scrunchy :P) u know what...i actually heard comments that i dun look nice when i tie up my hair :P but for the sake of making u smile...i'll 'si sen' :P muahahhahaha!

study hard there dearie :):):):):):):):):):):)

Ang3 said...

>Jess: Yup, as u said, we have similar thought!Great minds huh!

>Shaz: Knowing Him is the greatest thing ever...Esp, when u n me are in the same family of Christ:)

>Ee Leen: It's so sweet of u to do that la my dear...But to be honest, no matter u tie up ur hair or not, u still look loving n GREAT,k..
:):):):):):):):):):):)-u still rmb the meaning of 11 smileys ar..