Thursday, May 03, 2007

Always in Your Heart

You know my name
You feel my shame
You hold my life
You hear my cry
You help me stand
And I'll never be the same
Cause You'll never let me go of me
You're thinking of me
With thoughts that are beautiful
Like the countless sand by the sea
I could never understand
You're thinking of me
With thoughts that will last till the end
I could never comprehend
That I'm always in Your heart
You know my fears
You wipe my tears
You hold my hand
You see my fall
You heed my call
You give me strength
sometimes I feel I'm at the end of the road
All my senses tell me there's no one else to hold
Then Your love reminds me
That You're always making me grow
Making me whole
by 1 a.m
Yes Lord, You're the only one that understands everything that is going through my life- my shame, my fear, my stress and all..
When I feel like giving up and wondering whether You're listening to my prayers, You told me that You have heard my weeping(Psalm 6:8).
When I'm so disappointed with the outcomes of my results, You told me that You have turned my mourning into dancing(Psalm 30:11).
When I'm worried whether I can pass through all my exams and be a doctor, You told me not to be 'doubting Thomas' but to rest fully on Your promise for all things are possible to You who believes(Mark 9:23)
When I'm lack of confidence to move on, You told me not to throw away my confidence for it will be richly rewarded. I just have to persevere so that when i have done the will of God, I'll receive what He has promised.(Hebrews 10:35)
When the hard time I'm going through seems so impossible for me to move on, You told me to endure the hardship as discipline(Hebrews 12:7a) for no discipline seems pleasant at time but painful(Hebrews 12: 11a).
Dear Lord, i cant do this myself. i really cant...It's by Your strength that keep me moving on now.....


Anonymous said...

and you are always in MY heart angelene.

Ang3 said...

but who is this please??