Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sweet 22nd birthday to my dearest Sis

HaPpiE BirthdAy Adelene!!!!

So sorry for the delay..just came back from hospital attachment, KKB today n so decided to put this up for U:)

On 29th May 1985, the Teo family was blessed with a baby girl,named Adelene Teo. Her presence has brought joy to the family and blessings to the people around her.....n most important of all, she has been a great sister to ME. Every single words she said meant alot to me..Thank you for everything sis.Stay young n pretty,k:) May God favour every steps you take...

From a pretty and charming little girl

[Gosh, i looked so nerdy last time..muahahha!]

to a mature, beautiful lady now....Muacks....

wasSup Doc : You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God....Rmb, u're unique in your way:)


casper said...

i oso very unique in my own way !!!
i am lil teapot short & stout....~

adelene said...

Thank you Jessica, Denise and Geoffrey 4 the sweet bday wishes!

>Denise: I KNOW U laa, how can i possibly not=P Ange has been talking abt u since the 1st day of her imu orientation(till now!!)!

>Geoffrey: One of a kind signature indeed.:)

*jeSSicA* said...

adelene: is that jessica me? felt surprised that u replied here. =)

angelene: u memang nerd one la...hahaha =P

Ang3 said...

>Jess:Woi..ssay me until like that la..nvm, we're in the same boat now..Muahahah!we're one of a kind-the NERDY family