Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mommy, it's your big day:)

It's all the moms' day again...N again, i can't celebrate this big day with my dear mummy who is in Kelantan:(
Pity her, she has to work today..All the blames go to the government of Kelantan!!Sunday is a working day there...Anyway, just wanna share smth my mum replied me when she received my hand-made love shaped card....
This is what she wrote:
"Honey gal, thanks for the beautiful hand made card n messages u sent. It has been great joy bringing u all up. No sacrifice at al. Ma will do it all over again if mama could. At times ma feel sorry for u all that all of u had to suffer cause ma had to rush back to offive/work. Miss all those times di. How nice if only could turn back the clock. U all are the best children dad n mom are proud to have."

My mum is not like other housewives who can stay at home n 'goyang kaki'. She is a nurse and has to work from morning(8am) till evening(5pm). So when we were young, the only time we could spend time with her was in the car when we were on our way to school or tuition classes. Although the time was short, she used it wisely to catch up every details that had happened in school. Till now, she is still up to date with our lives although we are no longer by her side but far away from home to study. This is because she has a friendster account to check on us..How cool she is, right?!:)

Mommy, it's never easy to bring 4 children up. Thanks for everything u have done for us..We LOVE you...Happy Mother's Day!!

Oops, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my 'mummy' in cell group too-Aunty Anne..She is the mummy for all of us there! Sorry cant celebrate with you after church service today. Hope u had a great time with the others:) Thanks for preparing dinner for me sometimes, bringing me out 'gai gai' and listen to my ya:)

Aunty Ann(on my right)

wasSup Doc : Make your mum glad, give her lots of kisses; Make your mum glad, this is what she misses; Make your mum glad, not sad, give her lots of kisses *Muacks*

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