Sunday, May 06, 2007

Do it for God...

Yay!!!Henley won the 2nd season of Project Superstar.....!!!Yahoo!!

When he was asked to express his feelings after winning the title. He said this:
"i wanna thank God for giving me this opportunity to win this title. I'm really grateful"

It's so true....No matter what you do, be it at work or school, let your life be a dedication for our Heavenly Papa. We should be thankful always because all the successes and good results we achieved are rewarded by our Father. He wants to favour each and every steps we take and give the BEST He can give. However, it takes time...Wait, my friends~

wasSup Doc: Be patient Angelene, God makes everything beautiful in His time....Rmb that!!!

1 comment:

shaz said...

So Henley is a christian? WOW!
yup, in his time, he make all things beautiful!