Tuesday, May 22, 2007

From :( to :)

Yep, GASTRO-INTESTINAL end of system exam is this FRIDAY and 6 weeks of stuff to study n memorise for the 1 hour paper is KILLING me. As usual, during this period of time, all the people in my batch, including me will become typical EMO bears!!
Went uni 8.30am this morning, havin in mind to visit Medical museum. After spending half n hour looking thru all the pics n slides, i dun think i'm well prepared still to describe if they were to asked in my paper this Fri..Hehe.After that, i dragged my feet to library to wait for the clock to struck 11am for class. Quietly, i studied a few lecture notes n out of a sudden, CHRIS POI appeared infront of me n said "U look stress, Angie..See, I hav smth for U" One by one, he arranged them on the table....I was reli shocked n surprised. At first i tot he is going to give me one packet,but NO, ALL FOR ANGELENE..haha..Hav a look wat he had bought for m3! DUN BE GREEN MONSTERs PEEPS!

CHOCOLATEs----Which will definitely make m3 SMILE:)

Thanks Poi!!U're one in a MILLION!!


Special THANKS to the following peeps who really made my day during this stressful period

1) IVY ANG- biggie thanks for the ALMOND MILK! It was my first time trying that n it really taste yumMylicious. I'll curi the recipe from u when i finish my EOS later..hehe! Thanks again for the prayers n being a good ' stetoscope'!*P/S: Ivy is so cute. Let me tell u y. She has a water bottle with 'anelgen' written on it. So one day, her brilliant mind told her 'anelgen' looks very familiar..so she tried to figure wat 'anelgen' is. N surprisingly, when she rearrange the letters in the word, it spells 'angelen'~'Angelene'~ME!!:):)

2) LIOW EE LEEN- This girl loves alphabet 'E' coz her name has 4 'Es' n coincidently my name has 4 'Es' too!!Hehe..How she enlightens my day? As i have written in my previous post, when i see her tying up her hair, i'll be happy. N u kno wat, yesterday night, she PURPOSELY msg me n say she is having CSU today. So it means she wud hav to tie up her hair. n so she said she hope we'll meet today...TRUE enough, her wish came true n we met in canteen today, with her hair tying up!:):):):):):):):):):):)

3) SARAH NG- This dearie of mine never fails to give me a big big bearie hug when she meets me. EVEN when she drop me a msg, she'll write *big bear hug*..So sweet of her la...N the hand-written promises God has for me, it reli encourages me ALOT! Whenever i feel like giving up, the promises u wrote made me move on..thanks dear..muacks!*HuggiEs*

4) All my friends who ask me to chill n relax, Koinonians who constantly keep me in prayers, my mum n dad who call very often n said 'Jia you jia you my dear girl'....

wasSup Doc : We can face any fear when we know the Lord is near...


casper said...

i luv crunchie.
i luv snickers.
i luv skittles.
i dun luv nips!!!
bcuz i dun like nuts.
& i dun like being nuts.
all the best babe

shannie said...

hey dear,
i don't know whether everything is alright now.
so so long never hear from u, and i didn't even noe that u were so stress...

hopefully everything is good now.
if the exam is not over yet, all the best!

love ya,